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Here you can Ask the Universe to help you find the love of your life.
Of course you have to go out there and allow yourself to meet people.
Here you can define your dream partner and let the Universe bring you the synchonicities…


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  1. dear universe please let me be happy

  2. GOD’S power words forever !

    “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”
    (Ephesians 3:16-19)

  3. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

  4. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16

  5. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “When I think of the greatness of this great plan I fall on my knees before God the Father (from whom all fatherhood, earthly or heavenly, derives its name), and I pray that out of the glorious richness of his resources he will enable you to know the strength of the spirit’s inner re-inforcement—that Christ may actually live in your hearts by your faith. And I pray that you, firmly fixed in love yourselves, may be able to grasp (with all Christians) how wide and deep and long and high is the love of Christ—and to know for yourselves that love so far beyond our comprehension. May you be filled though all your being with God himself! Now to him who by his power within us is able to do far more than we ever dare to ask or imagine—to him be glory in the Church through Jesus Christ for ever and ever, amen!” (Ephesians 3:14-21)

  6. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

  7. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” (Joshua 1:8)

  8. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)

  9. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that [there shall] not [be room] enough [to receive it].” (Malachi 3:10)

  10. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:2-3)

  11. Thank you, Universe, for bringing Beau H. in my life. Thank you

  12. I urge the universe to bring me my perfect life partner before end of this year. :) He is confident, smart, attractive, well settled, driven, humble, modest, grounded, caring. We are the best thing to happen to and for each other!

  13. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1 (NLT)

  14. I want to be engaged again by Dec 25 , 2015

  15. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

  16. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)

  17. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Then the LORD your God will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hand, in the offspring of your body and in the offspring of your cattle and in the produce of your ground, for the LORD will again rejoice over you for good, just as He rejoiced over your fathers; if you obey the LORD your God to keep His commandments and His statutes which are written in this book of the law, if you turn to the LORD your God with all your heart and soul.” (Deuteronomy 30:9-10))

  18. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Then the LORD your God will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hand, in the offspring of your body and in the offspring of your cattle and in the produce of your ground, for the LORD will again rejoice over you for good, just as He rejoiced over your fathers; if you obey the LORD your God to keep His commandments and His statutes which are written in this book of the law, if you turn to the LORD your God with all your heart and soul.” (Deuteronomy 30:9-10))

  19. I order to find my dream partner within the next two weeks. He is based in London but is frequently in Munich in this year. He is intelligent, successful, fun, emotionally available, very passionate and giving and caring for me. He also enjoys a good life style and he is attractive. He likes my kids and wants to share his life with me. If it is G.G. let him call today.

  20. Dear Universe,

    Please show me if Beau.H. is the one and love of my life. And if he is not the one please show me and heal my soul over this separation and grant me true love and man who will cherish me, respect me, truly love me , support me, be a gentleman and whom I will support with all the love that he needs. For whom I am a perfect woman and his dream girl. If this is not Beau H.for me, please show me that with a big sign because I don’t understand the small signs I’m receiving and mixed messages. And if he is my man, please help him heal sooner and open his eyes to the truth because I want to be here to support him during his difficult time.

  21. Please universe, bring Beau Hequin back into my life as fiance. If you believe he is not my soulmate, please let me meet and date my soulmate soon. I love you, universe.

  22. mathan Oct 13th 2015

    Dear Universe,
    I wish to share my loving life with my loving girl Harni on this life. Please Unite us together in this life as husband and wife before this 2015. I love her very much.
    Thanks for giving such a wonderful girl in my life
    Thanks universe for your gratitude.

  23. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the work of the Lord [always doing your best and doing more than is needed], being continually aware that your labor [even to the point of exhaustion] in the Lord is not futile nor wasted [it is never without purpose].” (1 Corinthians 15:58, AMP)

  24. Please universe, show me today that Beau Hequin loves me and let him come and support me through this exam. I need his support. Please soften his heart and give him clarity on what really happened and our love.


  25. Dear Universe,

    I had health issue and my fiance left me. Please universe, soften his heart and have him understand what he did is not correct. I love him, universe. I hope he still loves me too. Please universe, show me that he loves and let him come back to me and at least speak to me, the week of September 28, 2015. Please universe.

    Thank you

  26. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matthew 6:26)

  27. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)

  28. GOD’S power words is forever !

    “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19)

  29. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” (Psalm 40:8)

  30. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

  31. Thank you GOD forever !

    In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    ” The LORD will fight for you , and you have only to be silent .” ( Exodus 14:14 ) EST

  32. Kukuah Duncan Aug 1st 2015

    Dear Universe,
    I am now ready for marriage. I know my perfect partner is out there coming into my life soon. Someone with all the qualities as Papa Mainoo. Someone who truly loves me and loves my dear daughter. Someone who’ll take care of me, give me a happy home and a happy marriage. Someone who’ll always be proud of me and our kids. Although this is my dream partner, I know you are bringing me the right man.
    Thank you so much for answering. Thank you

  33. 804408 Jul 13th 2015

    Found her, Thank you!

  34. Justine Jul 11th 2015

    Dear Universe,
    I am ready to love. I know I will meet this man again and I thank you in advance for the incredible synchronizations <3 I love you so much <3 Thank you a million billion for bringing this man into my life and making me ready to love and create an incredible life with an incredible life partner <3 <3 <3

  35. Steven Jul 4th 2015

    I wish to find True love, with the woman of my dreams, I wish to find Happiness. I wish to be well off financially. I wish to be healthy.

  36. Queendaline Jul 4th 2015

    Dear Universe,

    I dream of a beautiful marriage, a happy life with a man that would proudly label me the love of his life. He’s going to be everything I dreamed of a glorious life, so real beyond imaginable doubt, a love that only existed in movies, Disney, more like a fairy tale but only that mine will be very real. A love at first sight.

    He’s going to appear into my life like a magic, and take my breath away. A man that’s going to love me that he swears to God nothing matters to him than my happiness. A man that would ring me up at night just so he knows I am d last voice he hears before he retired for the night. A shoulder to lean on, a man to call my confidence. We can quarrel and get mad at each other for all we care but no quarrel or sort of madness could forbade our love for each other. A playmate, a partner, a best friend. He would take me to movies… probably not because he likes movies, but he would rather be with me than being in His office staring at his computer. He could take me on a countless dates.. just so that he reminds me of how lucky he is the universe gave him a person like me. His compassion over me, over the society is immeasurable. A kind hearted man who loves to give and help people without expecting nothing in return. A man that’s going to be happy to make a family with me. A man that’s going to realise his mistake and ask for forgiveness. He’s going to be so respectful and honour all the promises he makes to me. We could go on a long drive, or a simple walk holding hands together. He’s an adventurer, we could visit all the best places in the world, drank the most expensive wines, champagne, dine the finest meals of all cultures, wear the most beautiful clothes, jewelleries. .. diamonds, pearls, sapphires and gold. But at night we are in one room, together, me in his arms, loving him, praying and thanking God.

    Please my dear Universe, I have been hurt and hurt and hurt. My loves was not reciprocated. Not that it last anyways… I know somewhere there’s a man for me. That will love me just same way I’m going to love him. He’s going to like the finest things in life, he’s smart, intelligent, fashion conscious, an excellent love maker, he’s handsome, very handsome, faithful… he’s not going to bed my sister or my friend or anyone I know.. and become proud of it sometimes. He’s going to be jealous sometimes, he’s going to understand me, especially if I’m moody or needs my space. He would understand and see my pains even if I said “I’m fine” or “nothing”. A man that loves politics, current affairs. An extremely wealthy man.
    I could go on and on and on… Other females would grow jealous of me, it’s expected. Give me a man that could resist the other females because he keeps thinking he’s going to hurt me and would not rather miss one of his favourite meal I always prepared for him or those massages he gets when he returned home.
    Tell me him universe that I’m ready to accept his love… that it’s time to make our memories. To make the world jealous of us. To walk side by side with each other, through thick and thin, good, bad ugly. But yes!!! The universe will bless us with bountiful of happiness and joy. As I may wish until death tear us part. To love only him and him, me. Behind us with so many beautiful princes and Princesses. Grand children and Great Grand. That’s how happy I will become universe. Thank you. Thanks to you.

  37. Jennie Jun 16th 2015

    I’d like to meet my Mr. Right/my soul-mate partner: A connection which is mental, physical and metaphysical, that will actually last, and a bond which is mutually respectful of privacy, space, individuality and one another.
    I want somebody that I can trust implicitly. I do not want a player or somebody who strings me along. I want to be able to share core beliefs and intellectual persuasions. Most importantly, I would like him to accept me for myself despite my imperfections and crazy quirks 😉

  38. Danete Jun 8th 2015

    Dear Universe, please send me a husband that is loyal, respectful, honest, loving, fun to be around, loves to laugh, great father, loves to travel, financially stable, business owner, intelligent, attractive to me, healthy, spoils me. Thank you Universe

  39. Amoolya May 29th 2015

    I wish that I find that special someone who will hold me tight and never let go, and this time I want to be able to marry that person. I want to be able to love him, care for him, and spend the rest of my life happily with him. He should be someone I’m incredibly attracted to, want next to me every single second, and love more than anything else in the world. I wish he feels the same way about me, and I wish I can be the person who he will always want to come back home to and love more than anything else in his life.

  40. Danete May 10th 2015

    Hello Universe, I want my husband to be respectful, loyal, honest, wealthy financially, business owner, good looking, accept me for who I am, spoil me, easy to talk to, great father, patient, affectionate towards me, faithful, great lover, happy, loves to laugh, loves to travel, intelligent.

    Thank you Universe!!

  41. Lucia May 2nd 2015

    On Sept. 17, 2010 I wrote: Thank you for providing me with a very loving, sharing, caring, healthy, attractive and financially abundant man who loves me very much and I love him very much! We communicate and work at our relationship in a happy and lovingly way at all times. We accept each other families with love and understanding! I will marry this man in August of 2016. I am very grateful to My Divine Creator and the Universe for this blessing!

  42. Joslin Apr 28th 2015

    Dear Universe, I’m ready for a man who loves me and is capable of love. My heart is open. Send him to me now!

  43. Shirley Mar 5th 2015

    Dear Universe! Thank you Thank you Thank you for giving me a man like chandrashekhar… I want to get married. I love him a lot… I have waited for him for so long. Now i cannot wait to see him again around me..He is the best person in the world and love his smile.
    Please help me get him back in my life. He loves me too.. I cannot see him alone.

  44. Shirley Mar 5th 2015

    Dear Universe! Thank you Thank you Thank you for giving me a man like chandrashekhar… I want to get married. I love him a lot… I have waited for him for so long. Now i cannot wait to see him again around me..He is the best person in the world and love his smile.
    Please help me get him back in my life.

  45. Please bring to me my perfect man, very good looking (Ryan Gosling look a like, but with a smaller chin) about 42 years old, very wealthy financially, phsycially, mentally, intellually, strong and fit, very clever and power over organizations.
    He is crazy in love with me only, and totally loyal and faithfully to me only. He is funny, kind and interesting and we get on really well. He is the man of my dreams
    I am truelly gratefully, Thankyou from Tina.

  46. Michael Feb 28th 2015

    I am soooo happy and amazed and wondering why Val expressed her feelings for. Me

  47. Michael Feb 28th 2015

    I am sooo happy and wondering why did Val express her feeling for me

  48. herus schafron Feb 22nd 2015

    dear universe
    im tired of deceptions
    you know better than anyone that i don’t deserve it
    í just want someone to love me
    like i loved the others that disappointed me
    doesn’t need to be perfect
    not at all
    needs to be like art
    art its not meant to be beautiful
    its made to make you feel something
    i just want to feel again

  49. YVONNE Feb 3rd 2015

    Placing an order:
    One male partner
    loves dogs and cats, pets in general
    will wipe my nose when I’m out in the cold
    will tuck my mittens into my coat and tie my scarf to keep me warm
    loves me even when my hair is messy and I’m dressed frumpy
    loves to go to the movies
    holds my hand
    will sit next to me on the couch while I’m reading
    his eyes light up when he sees me

    My perfect partner is already selected. He is arriving in the right way at the right time. I am so grateful to receive him.

  50. michael Jan 22nd 2015

    i am trilled that Val came into my life And are sooo gratefull for that manifesting , and thank u for the happiness it gives me every second

  51. Namrata Kannan Jan 3rd 2015

    Thank you for the warmth, care and support my boyfriend is giving me. I feel special and loved!

  52. ShunrenHu Dec 30th 2014

    Dearest Universe,
    THANK YOU For Loving And Caring Prettiest Woman In Beijing City Of Mainland Region Of Republic Of China.
    Thank You,

  53. Merry Christmast to everyone !
    Happy New Year 2015 !

  54. David Ortiz Dec 4th 2014

    Umm well… I really want someone who is smart, but not to smart, like an average b’s or a’s (oh yea, I’m gay) but he’s cute but not that cute, I really just want a average guy, but tall. I love tall guys. If you could find me someone that would email me in Aug 09 that would be grate because that’s when I’m getting a new iPod so I could text more on it. But idk if that’s posinle but that’s my order, hope it’s not complicated. Well thanks Universe

  55. In GOD we trust forever !

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    ” … pray and ask GOD for everything you need , always giving thanks for what you have .” ( Philippians 4:6 )

  56. GOD is Almighty Father !
    Thank you Father forever !

  57. Our family trust in GOD everyday and forever !

    Thank you GOD forever !

    Jesus is GOD !

  58. Dear Universe,
    I would love to find a reciprocal love that we can create and grow and fearlessly have fun with.
    C xx

  59. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Oct 27th 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    Give thanks to the LORD , for He is good ; His love endures forever . ( Psalm 106:1 )

  60. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Oct 16th 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    GOD is able to provide for our every need . ( Matthew 6:25-34 )

  61. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Oct 15th 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    “… In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with GOD , and the Word was GOD …” ( John 1:1 )

  62. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Oct 10th 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good : and whose trusteth in the LORD , happy is he . ( Proverbs 16:20 )

  63. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Oct 8th 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    Let this mind be in you , which was also in Christ Jesus . ( Philippians 2:5 )

  64. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Sep 29th 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    Come , let us bow down in worship , let us kneel before the LORD our Maker . ( Psalm 95:6 )

  65. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Sep 25th 2014

    GOD’S power word is forever !

    Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established . ( Proverbs 16:3 )

  66. caroline Sep 19th 2014

    Dear Universe,

    Please send me the perfect career opportunity , wealth , happiness and love. Keep my family safe,loved and happy. Sending love out to you and thanks x

  67. 408804 Sep 18th 2014

    You are my exact match. You are my mirror and I am yours.

  68. 408804 Sep 18th 2014

    I connect with you at the soul level

  69. 408804 Sep 18th 2014
  70. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Sep 5th 2014

    ” GOD wants everyone to be saved and to fully understand the truth .” ( 1 Timothy 2:4 )

  71. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Aug 25th 2014

    ” … Delight thyself also in the LORD : and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart …” ( John 15:5 )

  72. Jellie Aug 23rd 2014

    i want to meet & fall in love with someone who will always treat me justly and love me tenderly, & i want to have an equal, life-long partnership with that someone: who will be truly ‘right’ for me, on all levels.
    please help me hear you, universe, (help me read your signs); please help me break free from the destructive cycles of behaviour i have somehow ended up repeating for so much of my life: i know you were always there, & i thank you for sticking by me, even when i wouldn’t hear you. i will listen now.
    Please send my special someone to me. The one that’s specifically made for ME and ONLY ME. Please let him be gentle, loving, nice, understanding, funny, intelligent, and protective.
    Thank you Universe for sending me the love of my life at the exact perfect time. I am blessed and am glad that we both waited until you could provide the two of us the perfect harmony that we each desire in one another. Again – many thanks.
    I am ready for love. I have a loving relationship with a successful, honest, loving, passionate, intelligent and adventurous partner who is at least long, goodlooking and he has the right chemistry for me. He is someone that I know and cherish and love unconditionally. This is my soulmate and who I will spend the majority of my years with. Thank you for bringing me love.

  73. Yalanda Aug 22nd 2014

    Dear Universe,

    Please send my special someone to me; the one that was specifically made for me and only me. Please let him be gentle, loving, intelligent, funny, protective, nice, and understanding. Please let this man come into my life when the time is right and love me unconditionally.

    Thank you, Universe.

  74. Yalanda Aug 21st 2014

    Dear Universe,

    Please send my special someone to me. The one that’s specifically made for ME and ONLY ME. Please let him be gentle, loving, nice, understanding, funny, intelligent, and protective. Please let him understand that I have an illness and let him be there for me no matter what happens. I just want to find and be with my special someone. I don’t care if he’s my Twin Flame or SoulMate. I just want to be with him now.

    Thank you, Universe.


  75. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Aug 21st 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever !

    …Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace , whose mind is stayed on thee : because he trusteth in thee …( Isaiah 26:3 )

  76. 408804 Aug 19th 2014
  77. 408804 Aug 12th 2014
  78. 408804 Aug 12th 2014
  79. 408804 Aug 12th 2014
  80. 408804 Aug 12th 2014
  81. Carrie Aug 7th 2014

    Dear God, my intention is that my true love is with me now. Thank you so much for supporting my intention!!

  82. Yalanda Aug 5th 2014

    Dear Universe,

    Please send my one, true love to me. The one that’s specifically made for ME and ONLY ME. Please let him be gentle, sweet, intelligent, funny, nice, protective, and patient. Please send him to me when the time is right.

    Thank you, Universe.

    With Love,


  83. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Jul 28th 2014

    Give ear tomy words , O LORD , consider my meditation . ( Psalm 5:1 )

  84. VortexDweller Jul 27th 2014

    Dear Universe,

    He’s perfect!

    I never knew love could be this much fun.

    Thank you!


  85. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Jul 17th 2014

    con cảm tạ Chúa mãi mãi ạ !
    con luôn luôn biết ơn Chúa ạ !
    con cảm tạ ạ !

  86. Thank you Universe for sending me the love of my life at the exact perfect time. I am blessed and am glad that we both waited until you could provide the two of us the perfect harmony that we each desire in one another. Again – many thanks.

  87. Yalanda Jun 28th 2014

    Dear Universe,

    I want a man who’s gentle, loving, intelligent, funny, protective, and will love me for me and accept that I have an illness. I want this man to be my special someone; the one that’s specifically made for ME and ONLY ME. That’s all.

    Thank you, Universe. <3

  88. 너 는 하 나 님 과 화 목 하 고 평 안 하 라 그 리 하 면 복 이 네 게 임 하 리 라 . ( 욥 22:21 )

    Submit to GOD and be at peace with him ; in this way prosperity will come to you . ( Job 22:21 )

  89. GOD’S power words is forever !

    Love your neighbor as yourself . ( Levilicus 19:18 )

  90. caroline Jun 15th 2014

    Whoever it is you want me with. Communication to begn.

  91. GOD’S power words is forever :

    ” So faith , hope , love abide , these three ; but the greatest of these is love .” ( 1 Corinthians 13:13 )

  92. christopher Sucahyo Jun 9th 2014

    Dear universe i’m so grateful for anything that i have right now but i miss one aspect a girlfriend, i believe u will sent me the perfect one, the girl with classy attitude and classy style, have a bright skin, make every men eyes look at her… the girl that will make me proud come in my way, thank you afterall i will find peacefully and so glad

  93. Brendan Jun 9th 2014

    Dear universe please grant me my wish for my friend Julie to come to see me thank you universe xx

  94. Nguyễn Phương Thảo Jun 3rd 2014

    GOD’S power words is forever :

    GOD rewares those who diligently seek Him . ( Hebrews 11:6 )

  95. Ashlesh Jun 2nd 2014

    I and my ciya love eachother alot please send my ciya back to me like before loving me taking my care please universe thank you thank you thank you

  96. Dear Universe,

    Thank you–I am forever grateful for this life that I live.

    I am ready for love. I have a loving relationship with a successful, honest, loving, passionate, intelligent and adventurous partner who is at least 6′ 2″ with dark hair and light eyes. He is someone that I know and cherish and love unconditionally. This is my soulmate and who I will spend the majority of my years with. Thank you for bringing me love.

  97. Nguyen Phuong Thao May 28th 2014

    The LORD is merciful and gracious , slow to anger , and plenteous in mercy . ( Psalm 103:8 )

  98. Nguyen Phuong Thao May 22nd 2014

    ” All glory to GOD , who is able , through His mighty power at work within us , to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think .” ( Ephesians 3:20 )

  99. Thank you GOD for everything !
    IN GOD our family trust forever !

  100. And the glory of the LORD went up from the cherub to the threshold of the house , and the house was filled with the cloud , and the court was filled with the brightness of the glory of the LORD . ( Ezekiel 10:4 )

  101. GOD’s power words is forever :

    Above all , love each other deeply , because love covers over a multitude of sins . ( 1 Peter 4:8 )

  102. i want to meet & fall in love with someone who will always treat me justly and love me tenderly, & i want to have an equal, life-long partnership with that someone: who will be truly ‘right’ for me, on all levels.
    please help me hear you, universe, (help me read your signs); please help me break free from the destructive cycles of behaviour i have somehow ended up repeating for so much of my life: i know you were always there, & i thank you for sticking by me, even when i wouldn’t hear you. i will listen now.

  103. ” With man this is impossible , but with GOD all things are possible ” ( Matthew 19:26 )

  104. Happy Easter Day !
    Jesus is Son of GOD !
    Thank you GOD forever !

  105. May I find my wife soon: the one who loves me, who is faithful and loyal always; who is always there for me when needed; who is beautiful and gorgeous both on the inside and outside; who will always do things with me, especially weightlifting and movie acting; who is always there for me, no matter what. Thanks, and ainsi-soit-il

  106. Dear universe,
    I just wanted to thank you for bringing my amazing boyfriend into my life! He is exactly what I wanted. I love him so much and I´ll never stop to thank you.
    I wish everyone such a great love as ours!

  107. The only one to initiate unconditional – Lauren

  108. The only one to initiate unconditional – Lauren

  109. Eillyn Mar 29th 2014

    I am fun, beautiful and good. With God, all things are possible. Life brought forth this chemistry between us. Now, the energy of the universe is bringing all of it’s elements together to create undeniable passion, respect, friendship and love for each other in the most wonderful way I could ever have imagined in all aspects (physically, mentally, etc )and without hurting anyone. I am THE one. He is now comfortable in expressing his feelings toward me. For this I am grateful. It is pure happiness and content.
    Thank you.

  110. Eillyn Mar 27th 2014

    Dear Universe,

    Thank you.

  111. I am eternally grateful for being Ross Lynch’s girlfriend by meeting him unexpectedly at love at first sight (he believes in love at first sight)

  112. Dear Universe,

    I just want to say thank you for making my wishes come true through hard work and guiding me.

    Thank you for sending me my soulmate. I wish I can get engaged this year.

    I also wish for a change and either to stay with my own company and move to MIA or to get into luxury diamond or watch house on a high senior level.

    Please make my wishes come . I love you so much.

  113. Dear Universe, I wish for Ross Lynch ( musician,actor,instrumentalist, singer and dancer on Disney Channel) to find me because I sent him a valentine card with Cadbury Easter Eggs and 4 fan letters. He is currently single and he claimed that he will date a fan, he also wants a girl who is understanding, compassionate, kind, confident and spontaneous.

  114. May I find my dream wife now please! Sooner, the better! May I never choose unwisely a rotten soul who will only break my heart, Rather, I wish to find my wife — the one who is utterly and awesomely perfect for me! May we both be happy together all the days of our lives and remain loyal and faithful, even after death do us part!

  115. Dear Universe, I wish for Ross Lynch ( musician,actor,instrumentalist, singer and dancer on Disney Channel) to find me because I sent him a valentine card with Cadbury Easter Eggs and 4 fan letters. He is currently single and he claimed that he will date a fan, he also wants a girl who is understanding, compassionate, kind, confident and spontaneous.

  116. Dear universe order sulaiman to make plans to take me for dates alone give him thoughts to have fun with me arouse him when we are alone

  117. I love sulaiman make him fall in love with me again make him think of me day and night make him yearn for my love make him call me SMS me see me meet me in personal work for our relationship make him happy when he sees me make me his world order him give his full attension to me make him to take dececion on behalf ofmy flavour make him invites me for dates and trip he goes with his friends and family make his family accept me happilly make him call me for no reason and take cares of my food and accomandation make him think that it is his duty and treats me like a queen of his universe and never gets angry with me order him to take for a world tour. He only love me not any one he nevErget mad at me and spends his whole wealth on me to keep me happy I love him

  118. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Mar 5th 2014

    and Jesus came and spake unto them saying , all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth . ( Matthew 28:18 )

  119. Fatima Feb 25th 2014

    Universe, THANK YOU for the loving man in my life, my husband, my friend

  120. my perfect amazing soul mate

  121. FABIO LONGAS Feb 12th 2014

    Oh, dear Universe, the supreme expression of the power of GOD. Bless me to thrive spiritually and physically. Give me a chance to find love and I’m looking to get financial independence and to improve the conditions of my own life, my family and my friends and to help thousands of needy in my country and the world.

  122. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Feb 6th 2014

    GOD’S power words forever :

    ” My peace I give to you “. ( John 14:27 )

  123. krisi Feb 1st 2014

    Dear Universe, i’ve met my dream man and would like to thank you for that ! I just hope that we will have that awesome love, respect, help, friendship, encouragement, support and everything else that is need for a perfect relation, forever, and that we will rediscover it every day ! Wish that we will make a great family with a lot loving kids ! Thanks for being there for me and giving me what i need and dream for !

  124. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Jan 28th 2014

    con lay Chua toan nang , hang huu , doi doi , vo han !
    Chua la Dnag toan nang , tinh thuong , vinh cuu !
    Chua oi ! gia dinh con tin Chua hang ngay va mai mai a , xin Chua nhan tu tha thu moi toi loi cho gia dinh chung con a , con cam ta Chua !
    Lay Chua toan nang ! xin Chua phu ho cho vu tru , cho trai dat , tu nhien , cay coi , khong khi , nuoc , con nguoi , cuoc doi , van vat , su song …yue thuong ma Chua da tao dung cach ky dieu y nghia xinh dep a , xin Chua phu ho cho the gioi nay a , con cung xin Chua ban do vao tam tri cua nhan loai va cua muon vat duc tin Chua va long yeu thuong bao ve trai dat xinh dep nay voi a , con cam ta Chua mai mai !
    con cung cau xin Chua phu cho va ban phuc lanh cho gia dinh chung con , giup chung con lam duoc that nhieu viec thien lanh phuc duc, huu ich tot dep phuc vu cho loi ich cua vu tru , cho trai dat , tu nhien , cuoc doi , con nguoi , su song …yue thuong a , xin Chua ban xuong tam tri gia dinh chung con hong an duc tin , duc cay , duc men , duc khon ngoan , duc snag suot , tai nang , duc do , long tot , suc khoe tot , tinh rong rai …giup gia dinh chung con luon nho lam duoc that nhieu viec thien lanh phuc duc , tot dep cho vu tru , trai dat , con nguoi , cuoc doi , su song ,.. yeu thuong a , xin Chua giup do chung con a , con cam ta Chua mai mai !
    con cau nguyen nho Duc Chua Jesus Kito la Con Thien Chua va la Chua chung con , Amen !

  125. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Jan 28th 2014

    Love never fails . ( 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 )

  126. ShunRenHu Jan 17th 2014

    Dear Universe:

    Please Send me a 33 years Old Good-looking Autistic Girl from Beijing Of Mainlaind Region of The Republic Of China.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Shun-Ren Hu

  127. ForReal Jan 13th 2014

    Dear Universe,
    I wish that, starting today, my girlfriend will completely heal from her depression, loose all her bad childhood memories and throw away her mind numbing medication.
    Let her regain her inner strength, make her see she has alot to be gratefull for.
    Bless her with happiness and joy.

    Thank You -O-

  128. SIR DIAMOND Jan 9th 2014


  129. caroline Jan 2nd 2014

    Please universe , send me love, health and happiness and bless myself and my family – send love to all x

  130. Deepti Ramdeen Dec 29th 2013

    Dear Universe
    I really want to get married in 2015 with my perfect life partner :)

  131. I am soooo grateful for the great contact from Maz , I am also grateful and excited the changes to my life that brings everyday,

  132. 804408 Dec 20th 2013
  133. 804408 Dec 19th 2013
  134. 804408 Dec 18th 2013
  135. 804408 Dec 17th 2013
  136. 804408 Dec 16th 2013
  137. May I find my wife now, please! Thank you!

  138. Dear universeDear god.. 
    Thank you for such lovely parents that you have blessed me with. I really feel I must have done some good deed to have had such wonderful parents. 
    I address you as god,. Universe almighty coz I feel so closer to you. All my emotions that I have is all known to you.
    Dear universe you have so much in abundance for everybody. U shower people with all goodness. I know u have thought about me and my family too in the same way.
    Dear universe please guide me and help me achieve my goals. My passion. I have been blessed with such a lovely job and I know 
    that I have the capabilities to do more. Make more out of my life.
    Please help me dear universe to be something and help me find a purpose in life . 
    I see myself very happy and I open my arms to your blessings in abundance..
    I am happy and I can see living a life of peace contentment and love. I can see my life partner loving me and holding me and protecting me all my life. 
    Dear universe I thank you to give me the soul mate that I have always wished for and the life that I have always dreamt about.. I now feel so happy about my life.dear universe my love my soul mate is someone who shares cares and feels me in himself . I know that he is made for me and is the best for me .
    Dear universe thank you for blessing me with a man who is so much in love with me. Who is so attacted to me.And who understands me to the core. I love him so much.
    Thank you and I love you soooo very much dear universe.

  139. Celena Dec 9th 2013

    I open myself up for my partner, my equal, my opposite love. May he love his child(ren) more than me and himself. May he appreciate the same in me. May he pay his own way and allow me to pay mine. May he give me space when I need it without making it about his insecurities. May he delight my senses and my mind. May all my walls crash down at our feet. May he strive to be a better person and spur me to as well. May he accept my love as openly as I am ready to accept his. May he be the father to my daughter that her father will not be. May he have his faults and accept mine. May we love and laugh and cry and get entangled.

  140. Monika Dec 3rd 2013

    Dear universe,
    I just wanted to thank you for bringing my amazing boyfriend into my life! He is exactly what I wanted. I love him so much and I´ll never stop to thank you.
    I wish everyone such a great love as ours!

  141. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Nov 28th 2013

    GOD IS LOVE . ( 1 John 4:8 )

  142. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Nov 27th 2013

    ” Be thankful in all circumstances , for this is GOD’S will for you who belong to Christ Jesus ” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:18 )

  143. jyoti Nov 9th 2013

    Dear universe ur love for me is infinity and I love you too mch that I always feel blessed. Keep showering me with your blessings dear universe.
    I need you . Please sent me my dream man to me who can complete me dear universe.
    I want to get married in 2 -3 mnths. I know U have planned my life wonderfully. Pl reveal your divine plan about my life partner . I see myself married in sometime. I want to meet my love. Sent him to me soon.
    Dear universe I can see him coming already . Thankyou dear universe love you for your gift.

  144. I am now allowing my dream partner to show himself to me so that we can continue our lives together. Thank you for making this abundance of love possible. :)

  145. Maggie Oct 20th 2013

    Dear Universe,

    first thank you for showing me, that the man I desire and ordered over two years ago really exists. It fullfills me with great joy and gratitude to know that he is with me at the same time on this wonderful planet. He is a lovely, kind hearted and beautiful person and I am sure he tries to be the best can. The place in my heart for him is still free and now it’s time, that our paths will cross and we both meet. I am ready to for a deep, honest and longlasting relationship. Please guide our steps and bring us together so we can continue what we started long before the beginning of time and will last far beyond. A happy relationship bounded by love, respect, passion and desire. I know we will bring the best out of each other, grow together and experience the joy and fullfillment of unconditional love. I will welcome him with my arms and heart wide open, so please, dear universe, guide our steps towards each other. I am ready to meet and to love him, so bring him to me…

    I welcome your help an guidance with joy and gratitude!

  146. Longing for and worth to meet my soul mate. Universe please. I have been waiting sooo loooooooooong.

  147. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Oct 18th 2013

    Praise the LORD , all his works everywhere in his dominion .Praise the LORD , O my soul . ( Psalm 103:22 )

  148. Victoria Oct 16th 2013

    I am, Thank you! I have new relationships with positive and successful persons that lead me to success and a better life.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  149. Dear Universe ,
    I love you too much and I know that you have always taken care of me. Till this day I have been protected and pampered by you. And I know that you will continue to do so.
    Please keep blessing me your love coz i need it too much. I ask you this day again to bless me with my soul mate who has a lovely personality and who cares and loves me too much. Dear universe i ask you to sent my soul mate whom i feel attracted to n who is always attracted to me. A good human being and somebody who would make me laugh and make my life worthliving. I know that my soul mate is coming coz i always dream of him to be good looking ,attractive n most importantly an amazing person. I dream of him all the time. And i know my dream will come TRUE. Coz my inner belief is so strong and my faith in you is never ending.
    This man of my life should always keep my family happy and he should be like a son to my parents.
    Dear universe please bring him to me by this year. I at least want to get engaged by this year 2013 .i want him to come to me and say that he will take care of me and love me whole heartedly. And would accept me and ask my parents for my hand. My dream has always been to fall in love n marry the person whom i love. Dear universe i know you are listening and will make it come TRUE for me.
    I have faith in you. I trust you.
    Thank you for making it TRUE for me. I can feel him already in my life.thank you dear you.

  150. Dear Universe,
    Thank you for all that you have given me in life. My parents,a wonderful family ,thank you for all in life.
    I know that you will give my soul mate who will love me with all his heart more ,care ,understand and hold my hand forever.
    Sent him to me soon,and let me be attracted to him and he be to me as well. I want love coz i am lovable n give love. Dear universe let him be the best for me whom i can share all my life. And also i want that he loves and respects my parents always. Please i want to get married to my soul mate this year. Please sent him to me this year. let i be loved by him till his last breath and we live happily ever after. I have always dreamt of a fairytale wedding. Please dear universe help me live my dream n i have a fairytale life.i want to be happy and live happy.
    Thankyou. I can now see it coming. N i know i will be happy all my life.

  151. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Oct 7th 2013

    Shout for joy to the LORD , all the earth . Worship the LORD with gladness ; come before him with joyful songs . ( Psalm 100:1,2 )

  152. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Oct 7th 2013

    If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer . ( Matthew 21:22 )

  153. Juliette Oct 6th 2013

    THANK YOU dear Universe for bringing my soulmate to em, so we can enjoy eachothers company and have a happy life. I am ready to meet him, so you can send him now.

  154. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Oct 2nd 2013


  155. I am so happy my desire that Maz is back in my life has manifested

  156. I am soooo grateful that Maz is back in my life thank you

  157. I am soooo grateful that Maz is back in my life

  158. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Sep 30th 2013


  159. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Sep 28th 2013


  160. caroline Sep 4th 2013

    they ill say they love me are proud and never want to let me go again.

  161. caroline Sep 4th 2013

    my kids and my soulmate are coming

  162. caroline Sep 4th 2013

    will you bring my true love to me??Im ready.

  163. Andrew Aug 28th 2013

    Find the ONE! Now and forever.

  164. Michael Aug 25th 2013

    I am soooo grateful that Maz and I met and are developing again

  165. Elena Vtlb Aug 19th 2013

    Dear Universe,

    Thank you for everything. I love you so much.

    My dear universe, I’m asking you to help me meet my soulmate and be lucky enough to marry him. I can’t settle for anything but love. I want to be in love and I want my partner to be equally in love with me. I’ve been searching for so long and getting more and more scared with each year that he doesnt come. Please universe, I beg you to bring him to me this year. I’m ready only for my soulmate and I am ready this year to meet him. I dont have to describe him to you. You know my soul..and i know you know who my soulmate is. Please allow me to meet him. Please.

    Love you

    Elena Vt.

  166. Angela Aug 19th 2013

    Ash is falling in love with me.

  167. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Aug 17th 2013

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding ; in all your ways acknowledge Him , and He will make your paths straight . ( Proverbs 3:5,6 )

  168. Angela Aug 16th 2013

    Ash to meet me halfway

  169. I ask for divine timing and I want it to happen now as I feel ready for real love and a fantastic relationship. Please have my dreams come true.

    Love S

  170. Nguyen Phuong Thao Jul 4th 2013

    He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress , and for his children it will be a refuge . ( Proverbs 14:26 )

  171. Universe – I have a list of characteristics I would love my dream mate to have, but if you have something more spectacular to bring me – then I am open to it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  172. Teresa Jun 9th 2013

    Dear Universe – I would like to meet, date, and have my dream mate ask me to marry him…within this year. Thank you.

  173. I wish to begin my relationship with my life partner; now, and in perfect ways.

  174. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Mar 26th 2013

    May you be blessed by the LORD , the Maker of heaven and earth . ( Psalm 115:15 )

  175. michael Mar 22nd 2013

    ill have a text trom maz please

  176. Me and Farzook Fayyaz are getting married and living together happily forever. WE are twin flames. WE love eachother unconditionally and we are very happy together, joyful and every day we are blessed to be together. I am so thankful for his family for accepting me and my parents for accepting him. I love my life and I love him. I love the universe so much. I am in love!! We are getting married!!!!!

  177. Dear Universe,
    Thank you for making one of my wishes to come true.

    I love you and I’m thankful.

    Please please please, help me meet my soulmate sooner. I hope to fall in love and get engaged this or next year. I wish to meet my soulmate soon and for us to fall in love and get engaged. Please!

    I love you

  178. Steve D Mar 10th 2013

    Orange chocolate lollipop dreamboat come to me! Loved ya before I met ya!

  179. Alicia Mar 9th 2013

    Dear Universe,

    Thank you for all you have given me and all you are about to give me.

    Hey Pete I know the Universe is sending you in my direction. It is already written in the stars. Hurry up kiddo, we will have a wonderful time together. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes.


  180. S Nyman Mar 3rd 2013

    Fantastic Universe

    Now is the time, I hope, to present my soul mate. In any case I have been waiting so long for this person to enter my life.

    Please send him to me by return.

    Thank you so much!

  181. Teresa Mar 1st 2013

    Dear Universe,

    Thank you for all of the lifes lessons you have given me, I have had so many good things happen in my life and i put it down to talking to you every week.

    Love and light


  182. Alicia Feb 26th 2013

    Hi Universe,

    Tell Pete to contact me. It has been wriiten in the stars that he is to come into my life. Ok Pete the ball is in your court. We will have a wonderful life together. The Universe (stars) don’t lie.
    I have wonderful plans and I am sure you have your plans also, together we could make wonderful music together.

    So lets dance.


  183. Alicia Feb 23rd 2013

    Saludos Universe,

    I want to Thank you first for all you have given me and are about to give me.

    I was told Universe that I would meet someone and that his name is Pete, please Universe make it so, it would be nice to share the rest of my life with someone. I would love he he liked to dance, love animals and be a free spirit. He must be Spiritual and not religious.

    Thank you Universe for I am Blesses, Guarded, Guided, and Grarteful

    Forever Grateful


  184. Fatima Feb 7th 2013

    Love is here and I am thankful for it. Loyalty, companionship, honesty and LOVE!!!!!

  185. Dreams Jan 19th 2013

    My dear Universe, Thankyou for giving me your time and your attention. As you know what i wish for, I thankyou for sending me Mr. P. R. Rajendran into my life as my husband.

    He is very attractive to my eyes
    Well settled
    Has a taste for the finer things in life
    Basks in luxury
    Loves me very deeply and unconditionally just like i do.
    Places my interests before his in very matter of life
    Cares for me like a flower and takes care of me like a princess
    He respects me like i respect him
    He loves to spent as much time as possible in my company.
    He is a perfect and excellent husband, an excellent father and an excellent son in law.
    He is strong and has the ability to shoulder all responsibility, is the pillar of strength and can take on anything in this world
    He loves travelling with me and the kids all around the world.
    He consumes very very less of alcohol
    He make passionate love and is superb in BED.
    I am his sole soulemate, wife, lover etc as he has no interest in any other women in this manner.
    He finds me to be very very attractive, pleasant, excellent lover and a perfect wife.
    He is sincere and loyal to me.
    The bond between us is very strong for ever a 3rd person to interfere.
    I am in his heart, mind and soul just like he is in my mind, heart and soul
    We live a very loving, luxurious, extremely happy and fulfilling life with one another.
    He is a PERFECT HUSBAND to me and i am a PERFECT WIFE to him.

    Thankyou universe for making me hsi wife by the 16th of May, 2013.

  186. I am searching for my Soul Mate, someone who connects with me not only on a physcial and an emotional level, but someone who connects with me on a spiritual level as well. Someone who gets me, knows me and loves me unconditionally. Someone who apprecialtes my love of nature and my wish to do my part in creating a better world for my children and their children. Someone who I can feel safe and secure with. Someone who will not take avantage of my good nature, but instead will appreciate it and respect it. Someone without a hidden agenda. Please send him to me and make him aware of my existence and my desires. Thank You Universe!

  187. olivia Jan 14th 2013

    dear universe,
    please send me my perfect patner by valentines day.please allow me to spend aperfect valentines day with my husband to be.i want him to ask me out to dinner,buy me flowers and tell me he loves.ii want that nite to be magical and perfect for its in dat nite he will know iam tthe love of his life,universe i want this so please i receive it with gratitude and love,
    thank you universe.

  188. Yalanda Jan 9th 2013

    Dear Universe,

    I would like someone that’s funny, kind, gentle, sweet, will love me for me, protect me, and care about me. I want my ideal twin flame. I have attached what I want ideal partner to basically look like. If you don’t send me that type of guy in my drawing, then send me whoever fits my description of who I want above. Please send my ideal twin flame to me when the time is right. Thank you.

    With Love,


  189. olivia Jan 5th 2013

    dear universe,
    i thank you for my wonderful relationship with my boyfreind Tom.
    We have come along way.i ask that you continue to bring us closer together,to spend time with each other ,do fun things that strengthen our bond.i thank you for he is the one for me,he is funny,handsome,travelled,passionate and treat me like aprincess.i ask that you instill in him the knowledge to know iam the one for him,let him put in more effort in the romance and i ask that we become exclusive in our dating,let him make it official tha iam his girl.increase in us passion,chemistry,love and compassion.let us communicate with love and openness and plan our furture together.
    I thank you universe for you know i what i want and you deliver it in your usual swift way as you see fit,so thank you for bringing Tom to me,for our loving commited relationship.
    I allow myself to receive this dream partner,in my dream man and i thank you for iam happy and grateful.

  190. michaelk Dec 27th 2012

    i am sooo excited that maz is coming back to me when you think is right

  191. Alicia Dec 26th 2012

    Dear Universe,

    I have never thought about asking you for this but as I was talking to my alter (meditating if you will) it came to me to ask.

    Well here goes. I would like a campanion , someone that can laugh at themselves instead of others, be open to new ideas, must love music of all kinds, love animals and that can agrees to disagrees.

    I release this request to you, Thank you

  192. Ксения Dec 26th 2012

    Dear all mighty universe,
    Please grant me the strength, wisdom and perseverance to continue on my search for my ideal partner. Please help me find him and keep him.
    Thank you greatest universe. I believe in your power and move forward knowing that you can and do support me.

  193. Dear Universe,
    send me the man I dream of to Munich.DANKE

  194. Ксения Dec 24th 2012

    Dearest Universe
    Please make 2013 the year my partner and I find each other and find the happiness we so want. Give me the strength to continue on my search and the wisdom to know what I’m searching for.
    Dearest universe I am ready to find my partner and build a relationship. Please answer my prayers.

  195. michael Dec 24th 2012

    i am awesome to maz, and i love being her soul mate

  196. Janette Dec 23rd 2012

    Universe please send me the perfect husband for me. Please can it be soon? Please send allow me to once i have my perfect husband, to create my perfect family with our children. Thank you!

  197. Ксения Dec 23rd 2012

    Dearest universe

    Thank you for all your blessings and gifts. I feel blessed under your abundant love.
    Please dearest universe being my partner and I together. Make it so dearest universe so that I may share my happiness and blessings with my other special person.
    Thank you for your abundant never ending love.

  198. Jessie Dec 23rd 2012

    I am ready to meet my dream partner. Thank you for waiting for me to ask.
    I love you too.

  199. Dear Universe,

    Please deliver a man who’s crazy about me as I’m crazy about him, someone who wants to start a family and wants to have babies with me, someone who is committed, loving and into me.

    I love you and thank you.


  200. Ritesh Dec 14th 2012

    Dear Universe :-)

    My name is Ritesh Kataria ……….. !!!

    Thanks Thanks Thanks :-) :-) :-) Universe !!
    Thanks for giving me everything what I have right now and i am expecting for the more always.
    I am Universe both are same and live in the abundance of it.
    I am Wealthy, Healthy, Wise, Smart, Sweet, Rich, Protected, Secured, Prosperous :-)

    Thanks Thanks Thanks :-) Universe :-)

    I have the 500 V sat Surveys with me now and the large amount of money. I am a successful person and I enjoy being successful now.

    I Love You Universe :-)

    Ritesh Kataria.

  201. Ксения Dec 12th 2012

    Dear all mighty universe please bring me and my partner together. Please help me realise my dream of having a family and live to love them and care for them. Please bring him to my life soon before it is too late. Please help me recognise him, please help me have the courage to accept him and keep him.
    Thank you all mighty universe.

  202. michael Dec 11th 2012

    i love how me and maz ended up together

  203. Eugenia Dec 9th 2012

    Dear Universe, te agradezco todas las bendiciones que me diste este año, me hiciste muy feliz. Te pido esta vez me mandes a mi pareja a quien por amor y justeza me corresponde para estar con mi hija en familia, llenas de amor, compañia, una vida nueva y feliz. Gracias.

  204. КсенияКсения Dec 8th 2012

    Dear universe
    Please give me courage to find my partner and not be afraid when I do find him.
    Please help me realize my dream of starting a family.

  205. Irth Aingel Dec 8th 2012

    Just as I visualized – my beloved – joining me at last to spend time creating our new family together.

    Thank you :-)

  206. hey universe, help me

  207. KIMBERLY BAILEY Dec 3rd 2012


  208. Ksenya Dec 1st 2012

    Dear all mighty universe

    Please send me your help and energy to find my life partner. That special person who will bring balance and happiness into my life without complications, without dramas, in the most natural and happy way. I have been waiting for so long. Please dear universe help me realize my dream of having a family, a loving home and peace in my heart.

  209. Hello universe, give me a light, may all beings be happy

  210. Ксения Nov 25th 2012

    Dear Universe please help me write the best assignments for this subject and really show that I understand these concepts.

  211. Ксения Nov 25th 2012

    Dear Universe please help me realise my full potential and find a role in this life where I fully use my talents and really shine.
    Please help me develop my entreprenuerial part of the brain to come up with and implement simple and yet beautiful business ideas.
    Please help me discover, develop and fully use my business accumen, emotional intelligence and presuasion to create something remarkable in this world, and to leave behind a legacy.

  212. Let it be, may all beings be happy
    thank you universe

  213. Thank you Universe for your answers to my prayers for
    the perfect compatible partner(s), the one or two guys who will share in the joy that is my live. Let the one or two guys be “all for one and one for all” like the tHree mustateers and
    be, as they are, surpassing my desires, dreams and requirements in all ways and mutually in love with each other. Let our love and ties show others what love and joy means!! Thank you thank you thabk you and many blessings! ILBMABMLM ALSO ILAMAAMLM!!!! Blessings!

  214. Should I reach out to him? Or let him go forever? :(

  215. hello universe, semoga dia tahu apa yang aku rasa dan kita mempunyai waktu yang indah bersama, terima kasih semesta :)

  216. hello universe, i hope he reply my message, then we will have good time together, thank you universe

  217. Angela Nov 17th 2012

    Thank you Universe! I feel like we are finally on the same side, and it feels great. I do feel less alone, spiritually, but what I really need right now is for you to help me work out how to get to a place where I am ready for a relationship. You’ve brought into my life the man who I want to be with, and I am so grateful to the Universe for that. You know who he is. I am picturing him now. He says he is not ready, and he thinks I’m not either. Please bring us both to the point where we are ready at the same time, help us both get there, and see us together. I believe that we could be good for each other. Thank you so much for all that you have brought me, and for helping me to make the progress that I have. My heart is full of love, ready to give, and to stay healthy while doing it.

  218. hello universe, i think i’m falling in love with him, help me universe, thanks

  219. Julie Nov 8th 2012

    Dear Universe,

    You have been good to me, but only as much as I allow the perfection that you give to come into my life. I am eager to be an individual now, instead of in a partnership, so that I can better prepare myself for the right person to come along next year. Can you please ease me out of the relationship I am in now, and into where I am supposed to be before Mr. Forever arrives? Thank you so much for all that you give.


  220. Angela Nov 8th 2012

    Dear Universe,
    Thank you for giving me the strength to heal as much as I have, and for the fun I have, for my beauty, my friends and family, my adorable cats, the roof over my head, and everything that fulfils me.
    Thank you for looking inside my soul and bringing to me the man that makes it happy, and me his.
    Love and gratitude, Angela

  221. Thank you, Universe, for my wife.

  222. Amy WS Nov 5th 2012

    Dear Universe:

    Thank you for sending me the loving man that I just described (but which description my computer made “disappear”). You know that wonderful guy I was just typing about?

    Thanks in advance. I sure appreciate it, and I appreciate this beautiful Universe and the Holy Spirit working in it.

    Love, Me

  223. dylan Nov 3rd 2012

    thank you for giving me my dream man……

  224. my order is for my love! i’m glad to have met him, and to have experienced his love. i now place this order to ask for his return to me, healthy, happy, and in love with me as ever, desiring with every fibre of his being to work things out and build a brand new, wondrous relationship! i trust You to bring us back together, and leave the “how”s in Your mighty hands!

  225. BRETT TURPIN Oct 27th 2012


  226. My dear Universe,
    thank you for everything ! Thank you for making me stronger and wiser person, for giving me a robust health, for my job and my friends . Thank you for the money that helps me to fulfill my dreams. Thank you for helping me meet people who make me who and what I am ! Thank you for all the love I give and receive, for the happiness that fills my days, for every beautiful moment that makes my life the most amazing ! I’m so grateful for all the gifts you have for me ! Thank you !

  227. Dear universe, bring him to me now, thank you so much :)

  228. Oh blessed Universe, I am now ready to receive the man whom I will find lasting love and happiness with until I die. Bring him to me now. Thank you for answering my request, as I KNOW you always do. I love you!

  229. Merrick Oct 3rd 2012

    Dear Universe,

    I thank you for connecting me with my soul mate. He is a wonderful soul who inspires me to be the best that I can be. He love to travel like I do and enjoys life to the fullest with me. We are passionately in love. Thank you for giving me this wonderful gift.

  230. Dear Universe, I want to order a wonderful, calm, relaxing experience tomorrow, Thursday, at my dentist appointment. I order that they do not take my blood pressure reading at my appointment tomorrow and that my teeth and gums are healthy. Thank you for this in advanced.

  231. dyLan Sep 2nd 2012

    dEar univErsE pLeasE heLp me to find the right pErs0n, wh0 cAn aCcept f0r whatever i am…thnx universe f0r fullfilling my drEam c0me true…

  232. Good afternoon, Universe
    Thank you for letting me experience another wonderful day filled with love and all good things.

    I am ready to receive more and more wonders.

    Thank You.

  233. Dear Universe, please, help me to find a real supportive, understanding, handsome, gentle, smart, intelligent, kind, good , funny, loving, caring , trustworthy man, a man with whom we can have fun, we can share our lives, hopes, dreams and fears. Who will love and adore me as much as I will do. I guess somewhere out there is my ideal partner, so , please, help me to find him. Thank you !

  234. i so wish this exact man in this picture show up right now tonight at el rancho verde apartments in san jose california on 8/24/2012 with out a time delay or flaws or disease or disapointment that he call me at phone number 424-202-8270 and tell me he is in my drive way with all his things to move in with me and that he is in a brand new luixury car that i can use and that he bought us a new house in new york city and we will be moving in a new luxury mansion this sunday 8/24/2012 that all my problems will go away this very instant in a matter of seconds and that this wish be manifested as if by magic in all directions of time and space in every planet and dimension for all creations of myself where ever i go and that all my human six senses can prove this real and true forever that i am finally married to a real music celeberity and he has helped me get a billionaire record deal with a cash advance already deposited for me with a limitless black card in my name

  235. KimberlyB Aug 15th 2012


  236. Kimberly Bailey Aug 15th 2012


  237. semesta aku sedang bingung sekali, beri petunjuk kepadaku agar aku bersama pasangan jjiwaku yang baik, amien , terima kasih semesta :)

  238. i miss him so much, universe #help me :(

  239. Dearest Universe,
    Thank you for the love B & I have for each other. We are very very happy. Thank you so much for bringing the man of my dreams into my life. He is my soulmate, my friend. We talk everyday on the phone and email each other often. Soon we will be together. Instant romance, Forever love.

  240. Dear soulmate…i know you are near…come to me and let me feel that you are mine…and that you will help me and take care of me…in all the good ways…beautiful eyes that also sparkel and lips that will kiss perfectly….the universum knows what kind of time i like and what i need..i need passion, good communications, trained body…dark/ brown hair….tall and muscles…i mix like my ex Werner and Ron…..and if it is the way to start over with my ex WErner…then show that way…i really want to make things good with him…forgive the past…but if my soulmate is near and it is another men…let it be that he is in my area….in the fysiek world…and i know that he will threat me like an angel/princess. i that i really get what i earn… has to fit with al my chakra’s and the higher energy…so we can grow and be gelijkwaardig and the he can feed me..mental, spiritual, fysiek…paranormal…the someone take care of me….i need the right match….thank you Universum…love Sandra Willems

  241. I am so grateful to dear Universe for wonderful friends, pure, religion, sincere, eternal… LOVE YOU :)

  242. My dearest Universe, send me the man that will be perfect for me, send him now. He must be tall, handsome to me, love my family and dogs, be wealthy, love to spoil me and my kids and grandkids, be generous, faithful, loving, kind caring, healthy, head full of beautiful hair, warm loving eyes, slender, and want to take care of me, NOT be a traveler, I’m tired of slugging it out alone, Hurry, please hurry!I love you!

  243. Dear Universe, I really want to have my other half, someone likes fun, going out, enjoying life, positive, rich enough not to worry about anything and who adors me. Goodlooking, likes my friends and family, generous, likes to spend money, buys me presents all the time. I know there is someone like that and please send him to me :)

  244. Arleen May 3rd 2012

    Thank you Universal Divine, I’m sorry for waiting, please forgive me, I Love You! And I Love Him. We are perfect together, I’m ready and waiting. This is Yes!
    Thank you

  245. Dear Universe,

    Thank you so much for giving me everything that you have so far in my life. I often feel like the luckiest girl in the world because of the loving people, comfortable environment and abundance of resources that I have the privilege of being in possession of. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.

    I also thank you for bringing the type of man I have always wanted into my life and I ask you to make him mine, to let us become an amazing, loving, passionate couple. The past has been rough for us but I ask you for a bright future and a chance to realise our feelings for each other before he leaves from university for good. I ask you to make him express his feelings for me and for us to reconcile and depart Nottingham with a sense of warmth and love for each other which will grow into a strong, loving relationship. I ask for the chance to spend quality time with him, for all the negative moments and mistakes I have made to be forgotten about and for us to have some unforgettable final memories in Nottingham together which will lay the foundation of one amazing relationship. I want our feelings for each other to culminate into something meaningful instead of being a complete waste. I don’t want it to be a dead-end, I want it to be the beginning.

    Thank you so much,I will forever and always be grateful to you.


  246. i love him, i miss him so much, universe help me to send this message to him, thank you so much :)

  247. Brenna Apr 16th 2012

    Lately I’ve been actually feeling my connection with my soulmate. I just want to say that I am so happy and feel so blessed that he and I are connected. I’m so excited to finally meet him and be with him. Meanwhile, I continue to share all the love in my heart with him and get ready for his arrival. I love you, my soulmate!

  248. I love him, i hope he know how i feel bout him, i hope we can be together, thank ypu universe, i love you :)

  249. Alicia Apr 14th 2012

    Dear Universe,
    I want him to find me this year and to be engaged to him by the end of this year. I have made vision boards, journals, drawings, and wish lists about him so you know what I want. He is dreamy… I love him already. In my dreams he looks like this. I’m so thankful for this love. Thank you

  250. Alicia Apr 14th 2012

    Dear Universe,

    Bring me the soul mate that I have wished for.
    Thank you

  251. Andrea Apr 11th 2012

    Dear Universe, I am so happy and grateful now that you have delivered to me my wonderful husband. He is everything I wanted in a life partner; he is loving, open, sincere, has integrity, is fun and spontaneous, and is 100% committed to me. Thank you for our amazing life together.
    May this or something greater occur by June 7th, 2012, in the highest and best interests of all concerned.

  252. i miss him so badly, i love him, i hope he’ll call me again, thank you universe :)

  253. Mischa Mar 26th 2012

    Basically I have had throughout my entire life amazing relationships will all kinds of women, everyone was different but fascinating and mind blowing. Every one met my current desires and I hers, it was so awesome, I can’t really tell ya. Love and Light, Mischa

  254. michael Mar 25th 2012

    i am grattefull for maz in my life . and wish for us to be so happy together

  255. michael Mar 22nd 2012

    please please universe let maz and myself turn into something amazing

  256. Dear Universe,

    Just wanted to drop by and thank you for getting it sooo right! I am so grateful that you have sent me a life partner with the exact qualities I had dreamt of… and he is even more and even better than I had imagined! I like the way he calls me sweetie, and kisses me good bye in the mornings. I love the way he hugs me, and I feel secure and content in his arms. I love the jokes he tells and cannot stop laughing at them. I love his smile, he is so cute! I love how attracted I am to him. I love our conversations we have about anything and everything. I love that he always surprises me :)

    Thank you Universe, I am grateful! My heart is filled with love and joy!

    Yours always,

  257. Hayley Mar 19th 2012

    Dear universe
    I am ready to share my life and would like now to meet a man right for me, who I can do this with. 
    I’d like a man I will be head over heels in love with and him feel the same. Someone who is happy, and enthusiastic and fun. Someone with whom I can and will be happy. 
    I would love for me and this man to find each other. 
    Thank you

  258. hallo heike you were looking ,-
    ,-…………..,- is already here.
    lovely greetings hannes

  259. Dear blessed and generous Universe. I ask that you bring me the perfect man for me, the man that will bring joy and light into my life, the man that will be with me until the end of life together. The man that will love and be good to my adult children, the man who really and truly loves me just as I am, the man that I really and truly love just as he is, the man who is very well off financially, the man that you know is just right for me and my family. I love and appreciate all that you have done for me, I expect you to bring that man into my life now. Thank you!

  260. Dear Universe,
    I thank you so much that you delivered me the most delicious relationship ever.
    I feel so loved and butterflies squirling arround us.
    Happyness and Tenderness are our constant aquaintance and we are a perfect and ideal personal match in each and every field of our relationship.
    We are living pure joy and harmony and each and every day is a gift.
    All my life I have dreamed about this perfect partner – and now it is true.
    Love love love this!!!!!!!!!

  261. Liebes Universum, in meinem grünen Buch habe ich den Partner beschrieben, den ich mir wünsche, ich bitte um Lieferung.

    Vielen Dank, Ulrike

  262. Mischa Mar 7th 2012

    Dear universe, please give me allways the best people, if it’s a partner, friends, business or other contacts and let me be not as I want but as you want me to be. Just let me see the world through your eyes, so I know your will, which I know is the highest good for everybody in the creation. Love and Light to everybody in the universe, Mischa

  263. Mischa Mar 7th 2012

    Dear universe, please give me someone that I love more than myself, that I truly care about and who truly cares about me. Someone, I have an exciting, adventurous and fulfilling time with, full of love, security, respect and passion, someone I feel settled with, someone I have a great time with allways having new fascinating experiences and that feeling of freshness and newness and magic. Love and Light to the entire universe, Mischa

  264. Dear Universe,

    I am ready for a beautiful, smart, good, funny girl to come into my life. I am ready and want to show love as well as receive love from a beautiful girl. I want a great relationship with a beautiful girl. I am at peace knowing I am single right now. Thank you universe for sending me what I want. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  265. Dear Universe,
    I am happy in my life. One thing though, that would enhance my happiness is a great man. I would like to order up a funny, good looking guy who is young at heart and has a meaningful career and treats me better than any past boyfriend ever treated me. I’m ready! I now release the need and can’t wait to meet him!

  266. Dear Universe /Positive Energy/God

    Please get me married to the perfect guy who is smart, good looking ,has a great sense of humour .is fun to be with,loves music , loves me like crazy, financially stable and someone i can fall in love with the moement i meet him .Make me meet him by 1 March 2012 .

    Your baby

  267. sunriseshine888 Feb 16th 2012

    Dreamboats come and find me!!!

  268. Universe first of all I want to say thank-you for bringing me Nathan the my Prince Charming, but we’ve hit a little hole n the road and we need Ur help mending it so we can get back together. Thank-you for keeping us together and getting us through this time and thank-you for nothing but great positive energy n our lives!! I love u, I love u, I love u!!!!!!!

  269. Yalanda Feb 7th 2012

    Dear Universe,

    Please send me my soulmate soon. I need him and I’m sure he needs me. I hate being alone. Thank you, Universe.

    With love,


  270. vicki Feb 7th 2012

    Dear Universe,
    Please send the man of my dreams right away. No time to waste. I need real love and want so much to give it in return.
    Thank you, my beloved Universe,

  271. Yalanda Feb 4th 2012

    Dear Universe,

    I’d like a man who is gentle, sweet, kind, caring, funny, and loves me for who I am. I also want this man to be my soulmate and come into my life as soon as possible. I’ve been wanting my soulmate for a long time and I hope I get him. Thank you.

    With Love,


  272. dear Universe,

    my ideal guy is an African-american angel who looks alot like the Vincent character in Passions, who is all good, delightful, healthy, wholesome and fun, my soul mate of soul mates, who makes my experience with DL look like a flash fancy, and who loves me and i love him with our whole being, whole heart!!! I can feel his heartbeat as we embrace–in my mind we’ve done so thousands of times, each a slice of heaven and pure joy, and we are crazy, deep in love, joy and divinity with each other!! A HUGE THANK YOU and BLEssiNGs TO ALL!!! Find me, sweatheart! I need you and want you!!!

  273. Dear Universe,
    My life is wonderful. It is just exactly as I dreamed it would be. I only wish to have a special man in my life to share it with. I want to feel passion but still feel comfortable at the same time with this man. I want him to bring out the best in me and I for him. I would like him to be living his souls’ purpose so I can nurture that and since I am now living my soul’s purpose, I would like him to protect my energy as I pursue it. I would like him to be affectionate, attractive, open, honest, fun, and kind. I want to be in love with this man always and he feels the same way. I trust you, Universe completely that you will bring him to me.
    Thank you in advance.

  274. Universe can you send my way that wonderful guy with those amazing green golden eyes again. Met by chance but he purposely looked into my eyes and felt like everything and time stopped! I was certainly wowed by how he could read me and the peace and love that he radiated with his eyes! Thank You Universe.

  275. Okay, Universe, I have three parts to my ideal or dream partner: I want two guys in love with me and me in love with them, so that if one passes the two still have each other.
    The third part is a “gay family” of men of color who share and support us and vice versa. For my two guys I want men of quality, men of quality, educated, fun, capable. SGI members within year or two if not already, with small uncut p*, and of good looks and character, possibly one African American, one Asian American and beyond my wildest dreams!!! We call ourselves 3 Buddhist Muskateers!!!
    Bless you and everyone, and we harm none and enhance for all concerned!!!

  276. Dear Universe
    I have loved, I can be loved & I will love again
    This Christmas brought me unexpected news, my finance’s feelings towards our future had changed. As a shocking blow this was to me, I have to thank him for letting me go & putting me back into the universe to find my true Soul Mate.
    I welcome this new journey & with the help of you universe & i know you will help me & guide me to this loving, gentle, caring, funny, ambitious man.
    I look forward to meeting you Mr Right!

  277. Lucia Jan 3rd 2012

    Order: One dream mate provided by The universal God who knows me so well and every hair on my head that only the best person for me will show up and be my life mate from now on! I am open and ready to receive my order! Thank you!

  278. May I continue to visualize myself as the active, involved, successful,educated, strong, thin woman that I am…may I be full of energy and see the joy and blessings that surround me…and soon be ready to open up my mind and heart and allow a new friend…partner into my life…may he be tall, kind, funny, and loving towards my beautiful children…may my children be healthy happy and interested in the universe and all it’s wonder….peace. Hope. Gratitude. Love.

  279. The man I asked for came. He hurt me deeply on Christmas Eve and I don’t know what to do. Please help me make the right choice. My head says not to take him back but my heart says something very different. Please guide him into a more reasonable attitude. He is a wonderful man but he turned into someone else in December…someone that hurts. Help me, please. I love him.

  280. Dear Universe,
    Bring me the perfect man for me now. You know what I want in a man, so I leave the how up to you. I expect you to make it happen now. Thank you!

  281. joanne yohannes Dec 13th 2011

    Dear Universe,
    I would like a man that loves me unconditionally, whom I feel safe, at peace with. I want us, both to be in excellent health with a positive attitude towards life and to be financially secure. I want to adore him as much as he adores me, and assist me in healing.Respect our children, emotionally, mentally and spiritually..Make life better for us, both..eliminate my concerns..make his life better, too. That he be faithful, attentive and supportive
    Thank you

  282. Edward Dec 7th 2011

    I want Andrew to be with me for the rest of my life..Thank you

  283. Tiffany Nov 25th 2011

    Happy day Universe & Many Gracious Thanks for showing me soul love and togetherness. I AM open and ready for moving forward in LOVE and having a nurturing, encouraging, passionate, best friend relationship with a soul mate.

    I AM open to receiving and I AM giving the same.

    Thank you Universe for LOVE, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Beauty & Prosperous Healthy Smiles to Share :-) 😉 :-)

  284. Deolinda Nov 24th 2011

    Please Universe, give me back my boyfriend…

  285. dear universe, i miss him so much, i do hope i meet him this week. thank you so much

  286. Thank you so much for bringing so many wonderful people into my life at the moment. If my dream partner is one of them, that would be wonderful too :-) and I have a good feeling that you’ve got something up your sleeve for me!
    There’s no rush, things are unfolding naturally and it’s just so great.

    Thank you. Looking forward to finding out what happens!

    Big love from Viv

  287. Dayick Nov 23rd 2011

    Dear Universe. That’s me and my dream partner. Please help me get her. She knows I love her and IMHO she can love me too a little. She makes me crazy. So help her to show me the love. Thank you.

  288. Dear Universe
    House in Yucaipa, House here paid
    Financial freedom
    A wonderful fruitfull life filled with joy
    Music and all wonderful things
    I am, ready to receive

    Thank You Thank You Thank You

  289. Armas Universum,

    Ma sooviksin leida unistuste kaaslast, kes oleks kena ja tore, heasüdamlik ja hea huumorimeelega, kes mulle väga meeldiks.

  290. universe please give me a sign about what he felt ..

    thank you …

  291. Tria Nin Oct 17th 2011

    i’m listening across the universe-fiona apple from radio now, dear universe, can you hear me? please give me a clue, who’s my real soulmate? i think he’s kind, honest,and really love me, i hope we can live together, thank you universe

  292. First I want to say Thank-you Universe for letting me be with the most perfect man for me!!!!! I wish that Nate and I get to continue to be together for the rest of our lives and that I can start and continue to be a great friend and mother to his children. And I wish that there will be no more negative energy with his ex-wife, with the custody if the kids and finalizeing with the divorce. That’s my wish!! Thank-you again for Nate and thank-you for granting my wish!! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Tiffany Oct 16th 2011

    Happy day & Many Gracious Thanks Universe for connecting me with a soul partner and friend. We have a mutual respect and attraction. We travel and not only see the world but serve as well. We have no financial worries and we have a life of adventure in Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Beauty & Prosperous Healthy Smiles to Share 😉 We look at each other with in depth Love every day and encourage each other in art and music.

  294. Graag wil ik mijn droomman ontmoeten. Ik wil vragen aan het universum of ze dit willen bewerkstellen. Ik ben er klaar voor…laat maar komen. Alvast bedankt!!!!

  295. aku ingin dia tau bahwa aku jatuh cinta padanya….semesta…

  296. Katherine Oct 14th 2011

    I think that Tony is my soulmate and I would like us to be together until the end of our lives. I would like to get married, in a pretty dress and to look the best I’ve ever looked on that day. I would like him to be faithful and true and to love and cherish me as I will him.

  297. Even though I already attracted him and have “received” I just feel so happy and thankful for my Dreamboat- here are a few more pictures I drew of us together. When I was trying to manifest our love, I would always think of the song, “Once Upon a Dream” like in the Sleeping Beauty Disney movie, and the other day I was singing it and HE JOINED IN! Just like in my visualizations! The Law of Attraction really is a blessing for me- my life has been beautiful ever since I took control of it! “I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE; I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL.” William Ernest Henley

  298. I am so happy that you brought me such a wonderful soulmate, Universe! He really is perfect in every way possible- I love him! I call him Dreamboat sometimes because that’s what I was always calling him when I was manifesting our relationship. He thinks loa is a great way of thinking and plans on using it more often. This is a picture I drew of us together at the Renaissance Faire! He dressed as a knight and I was a fox fairy! :) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND HE LOVES ME BACK! X]

  299. Priscilla Oct 10th 2011

    Oh, wonderful Universe! Thank you so much for sending me my soul-mate. He is more wonderful than I could have thought possible! My dreamboat is perfect… Absolutely. The fuzzy image in my head was nothing compared to the beautiful and charming person you chose for me. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We are so compatible- it really is like we are constantly on the same frequency of thought and attitude. It’s like he can almost read my thoughts! I love him, I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM! Every time he looks at me with those deep azure eyes my heart flutters uncontrollably. This is how I feel every day- like I’m breathing for the first time. Universe, you truly amaze me. Thanks! :)

  300. Lucia Oct 9th 2011

    I am READY! Thank You!

  301. Universe – the message I received yesterday about it being 2 weeks from now before all my desires are received. Send me a confirmation that I understand the message correctly? Is it all going to happen in 2 weeks?

  302. Brenna Sep 26th 2011

    Dear Universe:

    I’m ready now. You know what I want and what to do. I’m grateful and happy to recieve this gift of my perfect soul mate.


  303. Ian Chandler Sep 16th 2011

    I would like a beautiful, incredibly pretty girl in my life. I’d like her to be strong, but very soft and smooth. a little bigger than me, but only by ten pounds. I’d like her to be one inch taller than me, and dress either Scene or Lolita style. I want to be equal with her, with both of us being fun, adventurous, and forever young. She is accepting, warm, and very intelligent, while still being bubbly and childlike. Together we live as lovers free to be young and happy for all eternity.

    Thank you.

  304. If this is him (and you know who I mean), then I thank you from the bottom of my heart and ask that you please help me stay gracious and positive and not push him away.

    Muchos gracias


  305. Dear Universe

    I trusts you to bring me someone perfect for me. I surrender totally to you!!!! Xx

  306. Barbie Aug 3rd 2011

    I wish the man of my dreams to come in my life this year.
    He is romantic, kind, clever, he has humor and he wants to be with me all the time. He loves me more than anybody else! We are travelling too much. He likes to surprise me all the time.He buys me presents and flowers and cards. He enjoys my company, so do I. I can speak with him about anything,no secrets between us, and he is my best friend.He listens to my problems and thoughts and we share together a dreamy life !
    He is very wealthy so when we got married I stopped working daily and I just do my hobbies to get paid. He made me the most extreme propose i have ever heard!
    We live in a big house with a pool. A very peace house, where we spent a lot of our time there, having s..x every day like it is our first time! Lot of passion!!! Lot of Love! Sometimes we have party with friends there.And he also helps me with the cleaning of the house.
    I am proud of having such a great husband as he is..

  307. Dear Universe, Thanks again for everything u are giving me right now. I will like to see my relationship with my husband restored, please heel our hearts to stop hurting each other. I love him, and I know he loves me. Please restore our relationship. Thank You!

  308. Dearest Universe,
    Please send my soul mate to me. I may already know him, maybe not, but I want to have him in my life now and always. Kindness, loyalty, and a sense of humor are very important to me. I will always take good care of this man, knowing that he will always take care of me. Having money will not hurt his ability to connect with me as I like to travel and, well, I am up for anything exciting. I miss this man and he must come to me. He will be very happy to have found me for sure.
    Thank you, dearest Universe, for the opportunity to write this stuff down for you. I know he is coming!
    Peace and love,

  309. Kimberly Jun 24th 2011

    Dear Universe,
    I would like a man that loves me unconditionally, whom I feel safe, at peace with. I want him to be in excellent health with a positive attitude towards life and to be financially secure. I want to adore him as much as he adores me,
    Thank you

  310. Lieve universum,

    Gaat het dan nu echt gebeuren dat man van mijn dromen op mijn pad is gekomen…….Ik hoop dat ik hierop snel antwoord krijg.


  311. I ask for your help universe in my current relationship. I love him and its hard to let go, please allow me to gather the strength to leave or to realize what’s in front of me if it’s the right thing. I need help, because I can’t tell anymore. We may want different things in the future which worries me. Please send guidance.

  312. Jonathan Jun 15th 2011

    Dear Universe,

    It’s been a roller-coaster ride for me in the Love and Romance Department this year…seems to me that I’ve been “shopping” for the wrong type of guy,must be due to my sometimes being an impulsive buyer hahahahaha…

    I now ask you to direct me to the person who is smart, good-looking, physically fit, has a good sense of humor and will allow me to grow as an individual person and at the same time as his partner for life.

    Thank you!

  313. Happy Jun 4th 2011

    Dear universe,

    I know that the man you’re sending my way is not afraid to love, be loved and show love. He not only allows me to be me but would not want me any other way. He accepts my strenghths and weaknesses and allows me to witness his without feeling shame or insecurity, he treats and pampers me in ways big and small, that remind me that I’m cherished and adored… and I, return, do the same for him.

    We play games with each other that are full of child-like innocence, not manipulation and sly contrivance.

    We support, nurture and encourage each other to emotionally, spiritually and physically higher heights. We delight in each others’ success, share in each others’ joy, and provide comfort in each others’ pain and sorrow.

    I know he’ll be here any day now.

    Thank you.


  314. Dear Universe:

    We are co-creating together, you and I, the perfect union between two souls – me and my beloved. He and I are perfect for each other in every way. We bring happiness and joy to one another and ourselves. We love each other dearly, desire each other physically, connect with each other spiritually, and understand each other mentally and emotionally. We enjoy each moment together, but do not feel desperation or neediness toward each other. We are perfectly-matched companions in this life. We support one another, respect one another, treat one another with kindness, and have compassion and passion for one another. We are a solid partnership and are the one thing that was missing from each other’s lives. I am grateful for him every day and he shows me in every way that I am the perfect woman for him.

  315. Sandra Jun 1st 2011

    Dear Universe,

    I have an image of the perfect man that I have dreamt about for many years. I feel like I know him in so many ways. I try not to dream of him but I seem to find myself in a pattern of this daily. I know he is the right person for me as well as my child and dog. Yet I feel a strong sense that we are right for him also. Maybe someday soon we will meet and find out for sure. Whenever it happens let it be fun and exciting for all of us. Thanks for allowing me the freedom to enjoy this vision.

  316. Dear Universe,

    I am ready for my partner. Please show me what I need to let go of in order to let love into my heart. Please send him to me. There is so much good work I want to do, for myself and for others. But I need a partner here. I need someone to laugh, love, dream with and make things happen. I need someone to hold me close. I need a partner. Please have him be smart, kind, silly and a lover of life. But please, most of all, have him get me, and how wonderful and giving I am. I’m ready to meet him and create a life and a family. I’m ready to end this chapter of struggling with love in my life. I have learned a lot, but really, isn’t it time to move on?
    Thank you in advance

  317. Dear Universe,

    I just want someone who will make me happy everyday. Someone who adores me, everything about me. Someone who will motivate me and encourage me with everything I want to pursue or am currently doing in life. I want someone who will travel with me and who I can just learn from each and every day.

    Thank you.

  318. Thank you for the love and constancy of my dream partner, who came into my life almost a year ago. He is now my permanent partner, my husband, my best friend, my ardent lover. ‘We live in perfect health and celebrate our prosperity with generosity and gratitude. Our union is formalized in a lovely, intimate ceremony on our island, and we are one in our spiritual as well as physical beings. Thanks to Spirit for this perfect energy, on and on and on…

  319. Michelle May 1st 2011

    I wish to meet the man I am suppose to spend the rest of my life with by the end of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE bring him to me!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Donnarene Apr 26th 2011

    I wish for my two children to have partners that love and support them. May they have children in good health. For myself I would humbly request a man who is kind loving and has the financial stability to enjoy life without fear and anxiety over it. A gentle man who appreciates the small things in life and cherishes his friends and family and partner.

  321. Donnarene Apr 26th 2011

    I wish for my two children to have partners that love and support them. May they have children in good health. For myself I would humbly request a man who is kind loving and has the financial stability to enjoy life without fear and anxiety over it. A gentle man who appreciates the small things in life and cherishes his friends and family and partner.

  322. Sandra Willems Apr 23rd 2011

    Universum, ik heb graag de juiste levenspartner die bij mij hoort op alle facetten die belangrijk zijn voor mij, naast mij dit jaar. Ik heb graag een heilig huwelijk in dit leven waarin de god en godinkracht aanwezig is…stimulatie, steun, elkaar helpen in groei en ontwikkeling, veel liefde..en contact op vele niveaus en facetten. Mooie energie samen, kundalinistroom en op aardsniveau allerlei energetisch dingen mogen beleven. Laat mij het Voelen de juiste levenspartner en als die al aanwezig is, laat hem dan naar mij toe komen dit jaar 2011 of opnieuw een kans verkrijgen om een mooie relatie, de hemel op aarde te brengen. Voelbaar ons hart, geest en ziel. Waarmee ik kind(jes) mag verkrijgen nog, samen mee mag werken en veel mooie dingen in overvloed en moeiteloosheid..dat onze dromen realiseerbaar zijn, passievol, creatie en manifestatie..sportief, goeie bouw en ogen die onze zielen raken..goede communicatie, begrip, respect, fysiek, geest, emotioneel, spiritueel en op zielsniveau. Dank je wel Universum en de engelen…vertrouwen dat een normaal leven met eigen gezin en fantastische levenspartner die naast mij wilt staan en mij op handen en voeten draagt in gelijkwaardigheid en onvoorwaardelijke liefde….love..die tot mijn hoogste goed dient.

  323. Dear Universe
    I meant 17-05-2011
    Thank you

  324. Dear universe
    before 17-05-20011 my wish will become true!!

  325. Muriel Apr 14th 2011

    Dear Univers

    I wish my brother will have a wife until year for the Holliday.
    I wish my sister in law will have a husband till next Holliday

  326. hello universe, i really miss him, and i want to say that i love him so much, i do hope he listen my message, thank you universe

  327. Kinh gui : Thien Chua Ba Ngoi Toan Nang Hang Huu Doi Doi Vo Tan !
    Lay Chua kinh yeu ! Chua la Dang Tao Dung tat ca ! Quyen nang cua Chua la vo cung vi dai ! Con xin Chua ban phuoc lanh cho gia dinh con la Lee Hae Gon , Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao , Lee Jeyne , xin Chua giup cho gia dinh con luon manh khoe , hanh phuc , thinh vuong , giau sang , phu quy , sung tuc , thanh cong o moi linh vuc !
    Xin Chua giup do chung con ! Con xin thay mat chong con va con gai co gui loi cam ta den Thien Chua Doi Doi !

  328. I know the best is worth waiting for, and that we’re all perfect in ways that only you can fathom, so thanks for giving me the time to work on myself so that the perfect man for me gets to share in the best that I can be!

    Much luv and thanks!


  329. Hallo lieve universum,

    Ik wil u vragen om de juiste man die bij mij past in mijn leven te brengen. Die mij vrouw laat voelen, een man die me op handen draagt. Die heel liefdevol is maar ook oprecht en zuiver. En natuurlijk een hele mooie charisma heeft waar ik helemaal voor kan gaan. Alvast bedankt voor het mooie liefdevolle cadeau wat ik mag gaan ontvangen binnenkort.

    Veel liefs Maria

  330. Hello my friend, you already know what i look for in a dream partner,and hes out there waiting to come into my life. But im writing it down never the less, top of the list sense of humour, i love to laugh,and to make others laugh. He likes to travel,and can talk well to others. Mostly hes full of love for life and me.
    my thanks for what i have now,and the laughter i share.

  331. Merci bel Univers car tu l’as fait apparaître sur ma route. il est merveilleux, et j’en souris encore tellement chaque fois c’est un étonnement pour moi d”être enfin avec lui. On a le même travail, on fait des projets et on les réalise lol ensemble§ Il est homme et doux et intuitif, que quelque fois j’en ai les larmes aux yeux! merci encore! merci merci merci!!!
    ps: ce qui serait coll maintenant c’est la mariage! Mon doigt s’ennuie sans une belle bague! lol!

  332. thanks in advance for my love mate

  333. dank voor al die liefde die ik van mijn mannetje krijg ,hij draagt mij echt op handen, het is heerlijk dat wij samen zijn in ons nieuwe huisje dank dank dank

  334. Sandra Mar 4th 2011

    Dear Universe,

    I reclaim my status as being single. I am a mom and I love raising my 2 1/2 year old son. I love being single. I want to provide a home that is safe, peaceful, and encouraging. I reclaim my status to raise my son on my own where we will both be valued and strong. We will be productive and happy. We will focus on positive results and good things. I reclaim my status of being single so that I can trust that every day I will decide how I am feeling, know that I am worthy and valuable, and know that I can be emotionally strong.

    The man I will share my life with is tall, with dirty blonde hair. He is strong, smart, athletic, and wealthy. He is my closest friend and helps me to guide my son. He will be the father figure in my son’s life and will teach him to be a strong leader, a confident man, and to view the world with compassion and kindess. He will be my friend and my son’s guide.

    Thank you Universe for the gifts I receive now.

  335. Brenda Feb 28th 2011

    Good Morning Universe! I am thanking you in advance for bringing to me my soulmate. He brings joy, love and laughter to my life and my son. Our lives are intertwined with love, respect, humour and peace. Thank you thank you thank you. You did good!


  336. Favorite Fanny Feb 23rd 2011

    Heavenly Father,

    Bless and enlighten my daughter so she can choose the right boyfriend for the highest good. Thanks for your favor and blessings.

  337. Dear Universe,

    I would like you to send me the man in my life!!
    I would like you to help everyone of us to find each other!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

    Happy Valentine´s day to you all!

  338. Kimberley Feb 10th 2011

    Dear universe.
    I wish: for L. to be my girlfriend, and wife. To have a great relationship with her full of love and fun times. And respect from everyone we know. For the both of us. To be happy. To have some kids. To earn enough money so we can take care of our kids, and other people who need it once in a while. To have a house and car and do a lot of fun things.

    Also, that I feel gratefulness for everything I experience.

    Thank you.

  339. Thanks so much for lovely, funny, rich in soul friend/partner

  340. Vivienne Jan 21st 2011

    Oh goodness me dear Universe. Last night I read a Zen proverb that said to be careful if you want to cause hurt to people because it will come back at you 1000 times greater. What goes around, comes around and I know of someone who is not having the greatest of times just now. Maybe he´s brought it on himself but I also know that it has happened not just as a result of his behaviour but of hers as well. How can you expect to treat people as badly as she has and get away with it. Every behaviour has a good intention behind it but hers I find hard to understand. Control driven by fear of losing everything? Has she brought exactly that about? Self sabotage. I have never wished hurt on her but she has caused me great pain as well as other people and I hope that she learns from this experience and treats people better in the future. If not, then her life will be whatever the Universe decides is appropriate.
    He has always been up front and honest about himself, his motivation, pleasure and fun. As long as it´s not hurting anyone and its legal, I don´t disagree with the philosophy whilst I may not approve of all of the actions.
    I wish him well. I think he needs to know that when so many people have him in their crosshairs that someone is loyal and is a friend. We all make mistakes, we´re all fallable, we all have inconsistencies and inconguencies and we have to take resposibility when these things come back to bite us. He´s not a bad person. Be patient with him. Maybe you can forgive her…I´m not sure I´m up for it right now.
    Thank you for bringing all this to my attention. I can now step back and focus on my own stuff without too much distraction.
    Looking back, I think his actions have protected me from the worst of this and I´m very grateful for that.
    Thank you for listening.

  341. juliya Jan 10th 2011

    my dear universe, i’m asking u again)) please bring me my perfect men who will meet all my needs and fulfill all my wishes)))) i know that my order is not so simple and modest but I am sure that I deserved it.
    thanks. i’ll be waiting))))

  342. Natasha Jan 9th 2011

    Hey universe. I’ve made the list. You know what I’m asking for. I’m ready. Thanks 😀

  343. Vicki Jan 9th 2011

    Dear Universe,
    Never had a real partner. Please send a good one to me. Someone I can love and take care of and he can love and take care of me. Please let him be funny and have money as I love to laugh and I am a fixer upper.
    Thank you, most loving Universe from your loving spirit child on earth,

  344. Amy W-S Jan 8th 2011

    Dear Universe:

    As you know, my husband and I are separated and are to divorce. I pray for the best divorce possible, where we part satisfied and each prosper in our new lives.

    I wish for a wonderful partner for my future ex-husband, when he is ready. I desire a wonderful partner for myself, as well, when I am ready.

    I have written some of his wonderful qualities down. I will just state here that we love each other dearly, are largely compatible and desirous to be together long-term, and help each other to live a joyous, loving life together and be happy also when apart. I want a sweet, vital, caring, man who is really intersted in me!! A man who enjoys being with me!!

    Thank you so much, Universe.

    Love, Amy

  345. Dear Universe,

    I’m describing my life/love partner whom i wish to be blessed by and whom i wish to bless with my own outpour of positive emotions and behaviours…

    i wish her to be:

    like-minded, loving, caring, warm, smart, strong, healthy, honest, of integrity, loyal, faithful, cuddly, feminine, ambitious, strong-willed, powerful, nourishing, sweet, cute, tender, sensual, measured, sportive, delicate, … above all, allowing me to pour into her, all my honest and genuine love…

    Nina… this is for you…


  346. Mr right,there he is with a big smile on his face asking me where i have been all this time. We both laugh,love life and love the universe for showing the way. Love always.


  348. Vivienne Dec 31st 2010

    Dearest Universe
    I can’t find the words to really express what I feel so I’m just trusting that you now what I mean. I’ve loved all the time we’ve had together and thank you for that even though the year didn’t turn out how I was expecting but then I didn’t really have a proper plan. I’m planning on making opportunites to have more time together in 2011 and let it be do that those opportunities are realised. What is, is and what isn’t, isn’t will be my mantra for the New Year. Suffering is caused by not accepting reality and I intend to be accepting and try to love every minute – be more in the present and stop worrying so much about what people think. I want what I want and I want more time. I want time to enjoy the kinds of things we’ve written to each other. A perfect day, 24hours is what I want. 1 day out of 365, just 1 with him, one to remember for all the right reasons.

  349. Dearest Universe!
    Wow, that was fast!
    Totally unexpected, in a totally different way than what I had envisioned: and even better, much better than what I could have dreamed up myself :)
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I am so happy now, and I know that the LOVE is inside me.
    Radiating loads of love back at you, in total awe.

  350. My blessed Universe. Bring me the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with in joy, love and pure happiness. He must love my dogs as much as I do, he must love my children and be generous to them and help them in life. He must be tall, at least 6’1, slender, head full of hair, clean shaven face, handsome, kind, sensitive, caring, thoughtful, generous, love to spoil me, be faithful to me, know when to give me my space, be secure in who he is, he must be very wealthy, he must be home most of the time, dress very well, have a good sense of humor, he must pick up on things that I love and get them for me, he must love to give and receive affection, he must be healthy in mind and body, he must know how to love completely. Thank you Universe, I am ready to receive him.

  351. ¡Universo: no tengo palabras! Estallo de emocion por mi esposo que es un ángel. Realmente me quiere tanto y tiene detalles tan lindos conmigo, que no tengo sino un corazón que estalla de alegría. Por eso te quiero dar las gracias.

  352. ¡Cómo me quiere mi esposo! No se cansa de dicrme todo lo que me admira, lo guapa que le parezco y lo inteligente que soy. Lo cierto es que ES VERDAD. El tiene mucha suerte de que yo sea su pareja, y yo me siento afortunada con él. ¡muchas gracias, Universo!

  353. Dear Universe,
    I know he’s out there waiting for me – just help me to reach the vibrational alignment to allow him back in..
    I have chased him away by not trusting the wisdom of the ALL, and I’m humbly asking you for a second chance.
    IF that is what you had in mind…
    And otherwise, please send me my soulmate – I have so much love to share and I still have so much to learn too.
    Sending you lots of love and gratitude for everything you gave me already – I am such a blessed person for having had the love of my life. And it would be so wonderful to get him back, you know, as a Christmas present..

  354. Julie Dec 8th 2010

    Dear Universe,

    I would like to meet the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I want him to be so full of passion it’s bursting out his seems, someone that is full of positive energy and for the most part always happy. Someone who wants lots of kids. Someone who loves me with every ounce of his being, but also not smothering. Someone who is trust worthy, kind, caring, compassionate, loyal, young at heart, yet mature. Someone who has a good head on his shoulders and stable. Someone who can provide financially, emotionally, and physically. Someone who will be the best father in mine and our children’s eyes. Someone who will love our children and I to the end of time. Someone who loves me no matter what I say, how I act or what I look like. Someone who excepts me for me. Someone who supports me all the time. Someone who knows that I will be all these things for him and anything else he wants. That it will happen very soon and fast!

  355. Dearest Universe-you can do anything for anyone and I would humbly like to ask you to bring me a beloved companion to share my life and my dreams. I would love a person to love and accept me for who I am and for what I am trying to do in this life and to support me in all my efforts. I would love a man to be a soft place to fall at the end of the day and to embrace me with love and passion and be my special person for ever until I die. I would do my very best to be a good strong and loving partner to him and would love that person to appear soon as I am struggling a lot on my own. He is there waiting for me as I am waiting for him so please Universe bring us together without any more time passing by if it is your will and your pleasure? You are my most abundant and loving Universe now and always. All my love Margaret

  356. Zukas Dec 2nd 2010

    I wish romance, love, joy and happiness to share with Luis.
    Gracias Universo.

  357. Thanks for bringing the rigth people into my life. Who love me and enjoy my company as I love theirs. Now I’m living the great live I wanted with my perfect partner and all the great lovely people around us.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart and love to all

  358. Vivienne Dec 1st 2010

    Dear Universe
    I knew this was going to happen, I saw it ages ago. Hmm…
    I love the fun, I love the learning, I love most of everything about it apart from the lack of time. I understand what´s happened and I guess it´s to be expected. I want it back though…and soon.
    Thank you for everything so far… but I haven´t got what I wanted yet, so please don´t forget about me!

    Lots of love


  359. dank je wel universum voor de liefde die ik krijg van de man in mijn leven ik voel echt dat hij van mij houd en dat ik het belangrijkste in zijn leven ben en die ring die ik van hem heb gekreegen is zo mooi, hij draagt mij echt ophanden dank dank dank

  360. Since i visulise this senario often,i know your aware of my feelings on the perfect partner,but i wanted to put it in writing,to you. Im thanking you in advance as i know you conspire always to put the right people in my life when i need them. With love and hugs,and choclate sprinkles. Thank you millions. ps sense of humour is a must,please.xxxxx

  361. juliya Nov 1st 2010

    dorogaya Vselennaya … pozhaluysta vipolni moy zakaz)))
    vse o4en prosto-ya hochu, 4tobi v u men9 poyavilsyay dostoynyy muzhchina, kotoryy will love me, budet chesten so mnoyy, c nim doljno bit veselo, on doljen byt sposobeny finansovo obespechivat men9 polnostyuy,imet vozmozhnost i Zhelanie ispolnyat moy zhelaniyay;) i pust eto budet krasivyy kareglazyy brunet.

  362. For my wonderul partner to come into my life now – I am finally ready for the experience of a lifetime and totally looking forward to it :-)

    Thank you!

  363. Thank you Universe for all the experiences I’m having at the moment. It’s sooooooooooooo much fun, passionate and really allowing me to be naughty!
    I so want this guy – or at least I think I do. He really challenges my beliefs.
    We have an opportunity to spend some time together very soon, please make it so that we have the opportunity to be alone as much as possible.

    LOL, Vxx

  364. Dearest Universe,

    Right now I am at a loss…

    There is someone special passing by the place where I work, almost every day.

    Sometimes he smiles and says “hello”, or when he passes with his colleagues, he just looks, or not even that…

    I don’t know much about him, just his first name ( my colleague told me, because she knows him from where she was working before), and where he works.

    My patient colleague also told me, that maybe he IS with someone else.

    So…am I just willing to see something that isn’t there, because the way he smiles at me and the way he says “servus” , touched me in my heart…deeper than it has any right to…


    Dear Universe…you know all the answers…is there a chance for me, or will it remain a beautiful dream…

    Not ever trying to force anything, I wouldn’t want that.

    But…please…if there is a tiny chance…

    PLEASE send him to me…

    I already think more often about him, than is probably healthy for me.

    And I want him to be happy…so, if that means he is in a relationship, I wouldn’t have a chance anyway.

    But…only YOU know the answer.

    I’ll just wait and see…

    Thank you in advance, and SORRY for babbling…

    With much love


  365. Ik dank het universum voor het brengen van de juiste man aan mijn zijde. Als ik zie hoe leuk, lief, warm, gezellig en mooi hij is, loop ik over van liefde voor hem. Dat dit wederzijds is voel ik elke dag. Mijn man is lang en goedgebouwd, erg intelligent en zeer welgesteld. Het is echter zijn leefwijze die mij inspireert hetzelfde voor hem te betekenen. Hij ondersteunt mij waar hij kan en is mijn grootste fan. Onze liefde voor elkaar is echt, puur en onvoorwaardelijk. Mijn leven was al mooi en met hem is alles nog veel mooier en beter. Wij hebben een thuishaven bij elkaar en ondernemen samen veel leuke gezellige en inspirende dingen. We hebben dan ook de grootste lol met elkaar. Onze liefde is bezegeld met ons eigen kindje waar we zielsveel van houden en in alle liefde en geluk grootbrengen. Ik dank het Universum dat dit op mijn pad is gekomen. Ik wens daarom iedereen datzelfde grote geluk toe dat mij ten deel is gevallen. Ik hou van mij en van jullie. Samen maken we deze wereld fijn en goed. Ook lieve groeten van mijn geweldige man, mijn nummer 1. Liefs

  366. I’m having such a wonderful fun at the moment – I just want more! Poke him in the ribs and tell to email me please!

    Thank you Universe, he’s just what I wanted and needed.


  367. Aingel Oct 2nd 2010

    Dear Universe,

    I want to thank you for bringing my beloved back into my conscious world. This is truly a wonderful gift and I welcome it gladly. In the estoteric we have shared the truth of who we really are to one another but in the mundane, circumstances have led my beloved to lose faith in the existence of Pure, Unconditional Love. So today I humbly ask that you intercede on my behalf so that my beloved’s conscious mind may reconnect and remember me so that when the time is right we can move forward together to achieve our soul mission in this world.


  368. Favorite Fanny Oct 2nd 2010

    My beloved ALL,

    I place in your hands my husband please open roads for him and open his mind so he can see the reality and act accordingly. You can work wonders in him and his life and I am very thankful for this, I know and trust you will shower on us the best for the highest good of all our family.

    All my love and heartfelt thanks.

  369. Thank you universe for my amazing bf..he is the sweetest, the most honest, fun, outgoing, goodsense of humor, loving, caring, smart, cute, amazing, hes perfect!!
    We always spend amazing time together, we go out together for dinner and always have a blast! He always plan surprises for me! and my family loves him! his family loves me!! We both trust eachother dearly and we are always happy together and will always be happy!

  370. Thank you Universe for bringing my dream partner into my life. He is kind, caring, intelligent, funloving, has an adventurous spirit, is passionate about his life and loves spending time with me walking on the beach, going out for dinner, living life, feeling good with each other, happy with each other and celebrating our romance.

  371. ik wens dat hij en ik terug samen komen, hij is er voor mij dat weet ik, dankuwel.
    ik zie ons terug samen alles intens beleven en een liefdevolle relatie hebben waarin we onze harten kunnen laten samen smelten, waarin we veel liefde aan elkaar geven en bovenal veel plezier samen hebben. hij is mijn zonnetje en ik draag de boodschap op mijn hart. hij houd van mij en met heel mijn hart hou ik ook van hem. ik ben trots op hem en samen ga ik mijn dromen met hem waarmaken.
    thank you.

  372. Universe,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me my perfect mate. He is so smart, strong, funny and ambitious that it makes me weak at the knees with love, respect and passion. I adore how much he respects himself, me and the world around him. When we are together we are both bigger and better people, and the world is a better place for it. Our synergy is magical. He is everything I dreamed of. My heart is bursting with joy and happiness.
    Thank you, 100 times thank you.

  373. Thank you for providing me with a very loving, sharing, caring, healthy, attractive and financially abundant man who loves me very much and I love him very much! We communicate and work at our relationship in a happy and lovingly at all times. We accept each other families with love and understanding!

  374. Michelle Aug 18th 2010

    Thank you for the most AMAZING love!!! He is everything that I have dreamt about and more….it was well worth the wait!!

  375. Beste universum,

    bedankt voor al wat ik reeds in mijn leven ontvangen heb.
    Ik bestel dat mijn exvriendin terug toenadering met positief nieuws over ons tot mij zoekt en we een nieuwe supergelukkige liefdesrelatie kunnen starten.
    Ik geloof hier heel sterk in en ben er rotsvast van overtuigd dat mijn wens vervuld zal worden.
    Ik weet dat wij terug een liefdevol koppel zullen vormen.

    duizend maal dank!

  376. Beste universum,

    bedankt voor al wat ik reeds in mijn leven ontvangen heb.
    Nu wens ik dat mijn exvriendin S terug toenadering tot mij zoekt en we een nieuwe supergelukkige liefdesrelatie kunnen starten.
    Ik geloof hier heel sterk in en ben er rotsvast van overtuigd dat mijn wens vervult zal worden.

    duizend maal dank!

  377. Sharon Aug 13th 2010

    Dear Universe,
    Thank you for sending me my perfect blue eyed handsome man. Thanks for a wonderful upcoming life together and many years of love, conversations, laughter and happiness.

  378. Hehehheheee – this is soooooooooooooo much fun. I@m loving all the correspondence, I’m loving the way this is going. It’s an adventure, it’s fun and I feel really good.

    thank you, thank you, I love hearing from him.

    More and more, please!

    LOL, Vx

  379. He’s thinking about me isn’t he? He’s on my mind, I’m on his. I’ve dreamt about him twice this week.
    Thank you for bringing him into my life.

    LOL, Vxx

  380. Dear Universe,

    I am going to meet him soon! I just know it! Thank you!


  381. Ohhh! Bring it on! I’m having sooooooooooo much FUN at the moment and I just love it! Mmm, don’t let it ever stop!

    Thank you Universe for today and for bringing me this…and please, I’d just love even more.

    How much pleasure can I stand? Don’t know, but I’d LOVE to find out!

  382. Donna Aug 7th 2010

    you know what I want and you[only you] know what is best for me-bring it on my friend
    love you bunches

  383. Susan Aug 5th 2010

    I’d like to order a real cowboy. I want an old fashion man with solid values , who works hard and loves harder. I want someone that loves the land, and animals and finds beauty in simple things. Someone who craves open spaces as much as I do, and can apreciate a star filled sky. I want someone too busy living to worry about what others think; who may not talk as much as many, but his words are worth listening to. Someone strong, and sure of himself, and sure he loves me, and only me.

    Thank you.

  384. Laat mijn dromen uitkomen en laat de toekomstige man waar ik al een tijd van droom ook inzien dat ik de vrouw voor hem ben. Hij voelt het ook! Onze liefde overwint alles, er zijn geen obstakels. Laat hem inzien dat we het aankunnen en dat we een mooie toekomst hebben. Met mijn kinderen en een kind van ons samen.
    Dank je wel!

  385. Lief Universum,
    nogmaals dank. Ik ben blij dat mijn vriend R. zich realiseert hoeveel hij van me houdt, en dat hij de stap heeft gezet om mij weer voor zich te winnen. We zijn weer terug bij elkaar en dit is de beste stap die hij ooit heeft gezet, R. doet echt alles voor me! Dit is het ultieme geluk voor ons allebei!
    Ontzettend bedankt, lief Universum.

  386. Lief Universum,

    ik wil je ontzettend bedanken. Mijn vriend en ik wonen samen in zijn huis, het is ongelofelijk hoe gelukkig we met elkaar zijn. Hij is helemaal overtuigd van zijn liefde voor mij, ik ben de enige vrouw voor hem. Hij straalt helemaal en draagt mij werkelijk op handen. Dit ultieme geluk heb ik aan jou te danken, lief Universum. Wat ben ik je dankbaar dat je mij dit hebt gegeven!

  387. you know the man you have chosen for me-please let me know him when I see him-happily ever after-thank you

  388. Lief Universum,

    ik ben ontzettend dankbaar dat mijn vriend en ik weer bij elkaar zijn. Onze relatie is beter dan ooit, we zijn zielsverwanten. Ik ben de enige vrouw die hij werkelijk wenst als zijn levenspartner. Hij is opnieuw verliefd op me, we zijn zo zielsgelukkig samen. Binnenkort gaan we samenwonen!
    Dank u om dit geluk bij me terug te brengen.

  389. lekyta Jul 15th 2010

    … between you and me, you’re the cutest, most amazing and dreamiest one of all. ((wink)). love to you!

  390. Beloved Universe,
    I have broken heart and ask YOU humble for wonderful friendship which fulfil my heart by joy and happiness:)

  391. Susan Jul 9th 2010

    I would like to thank the universe for bringing me my Cowboy. I’ve got a strong, honest, outdoorsy man now in my life, who adores me. I feel so good, and love waking up in his arms every morning, and walking out on our front porch in the mornings to look out over the wide open wyoming range to watch the sun come up.

  392. Beloved Universe,
    I am so grateful for wonderful, spiritual friendship;
    I ask YOU for blessed human being, who give me shelter, support, careing from all his heart;
    For somebody, who has amazing job with nature and we can work together there;
    I LOVE YOU^^0^^I LOVE YOU^^0^^I LOVE YOU^^0^^

  393. Mijn bestelling naar u toe is, mijn vriend terugkrijgen, met meer liefde dan voordien, vol passie en vele mooie momenten samen!!
    Ik ben het waard, en ben ervan overtuigd dat mijn wens in vervulling gaat want deze is verstuurd met zeer veel liefde!!

    Ik heb gevraagd, ik geloof, ik ontvang

    Dank u

    with love

  394. Beste universum,

    Hier wil ik mijn dank uiten voor het terugbrengen van mijn partner!!
    Hij is die andere vrouw niet alleen vergeten, hij houdt nu intens van mij!!
    We beleven mooie en passievolle momenten met elkaar!!
    We maken plannen om binnenkort samen te gaan wonen!!
    Dank u

    with love

  395. C9G CASH Jun 26th 2010

    my life partner is loving, young, smart, rich and famous. thank you universe!

  396. dank u voor de man die echt van mij houd en mij op handen draagt en mij boven alles zet en mij de echte liefde laat voelen nogmaals dank hiervoor

  397. Hello Universe,
    The only person I have ever really wanted to meet and be with is my Twin Soul. If he is out there I would like him to link to my soul energy so we can meet at the right place and the right time for both of us. That way our paths are in correct alignment to begin the journey to eternal love.
    Thank you,

  398. Sheryl Ann Jun 21st 2010

    I am so grateful that you have brought me and Denny so close together and that he is now contacting me more than he ever has. He is in love with me and he wants to be my boyfriend and tells me how much he wants me to move up to his place with him. He only wants to be with me and gets rid of all other women in his life. This is the most fun, loving, and comfortable relationship I have ever been in.,
    Thank you

  399. Harish Jun 19th 2010

    thank you universe for giving me the best partner

  400. shirley Jun 12th 2010

    I am in a mutually supportive, fulfilling, monogamous, committed, long-term relationship with a wonderful, loving, intelligent, successful, attentive, happy, kind, considerate man. We celebrate all the many things we have in common and enjoy doing together as well as accept and encourage our differences. We make each other feel special and we are so in love, comfortable and truly happy with each other!
    THANK YOU, UNIVERSE for sending me my life partner – the love of my life!

  401. sonia Jun 7th 2010

    I love you so much. I am so happy. You’re finally here. I am so grateful. It all was worth it because you’re a thousand times even better than I dreamed. I knew you were getting closer. I was having dreams amost every night that I was in your arms. And now you’re here. And you arms are around me. It just feel wonderful. All is well.
    Thank you God! I love you

  402. Dear Universe,

    I am seeking 2 types of partner in your catalogue:

    (1) a life partner with whom to share all the abundance and prosperity i am order from you; and

    (2) friends/partners who will be interested in sharing something wonderful with as many people as possible and who are relentless enough to face challenges and difficulties until this happens… i am allowing these people to be from any place on the planet, really… as long as they have the characteristics required… please flow them towards me so that together we can do great things…

    Thank you…


  403. Dear Universe, Thank you for answering my prayers and sending me an adventurous man, who knows how to dance, is responsible and financially stable and loves to laugh and have fun. His eyes twinkle with merriment, and he loves to be active both indoors and out. Thank you for the joy I feel when I look at him, for the respect I feel for him, and for the happy family that surrounds both of us.

  404. Thank you for bringing to me the kind of partner who will now be my companion and husband.

    He is pretty nearly perfect- for my taste.

  405. Alicia May 5th 2010

    Dear Universe,

    I am 71 young and would like to find a champion to share with. Someone with a sense of humor and a sense of adventure. He must love animals, music (of all kinds) He if like to dance WONDERFUL or willing to learn LOL

    Send me my Soul Mate.

    Forever grateful

  406. Debra May 5th 2010

    Dear Universe, I am asking today for my perfect soul mate and partner in life to appear in my life. A gentle, loving and caring man, someone who knows the true value of family and friends. Someone who is compassionate, intelligent, ruggedly handsome, and who is a one woman man. Someone that I can enjoy the outdoors with as well as quite evenings snuggling up on the couch with a good movie. Someone who likes to laugh and knows how to make me laugh as well. Someone who is self suffiecient and wants to travel with me to new destinations and adventures all the while, ( above all ) enjoying each others company till the end of our days on this planet together. My sincerest thanks to you in advance for delivering my dream partner to me. Thank you, Thank you . Thank you.

  407. Lilia May 4th 2010

    I want to meet him now, my wonderful man!
    Thank you!!!

  408. Charina Apr 26th 2010

    Dear Universe,
    I want to order a Millionaire man who is loving secured partner who will support and love me in return.Thank you universe.

  409. Charina Apr 26th 2010

    Dear Universe,
    I want order a Millionaire loving secured partner who will support and love me in return.Thank you universe.

  410. Dear Universe
    I placed my order in my special box in the corner just for us for my dream partner. Every night I visualise the feelings I have when we’re together and for the life we’ll create and share together. Thank you for making me a vibrational match for my desires. I know together we’ll be invincible!

  411. You know what I want. I told you about it, wrote about it, visualized, dreamed, so I know you got it. Dear Universe, help me align so I can be happy before he comes into my life and being happy I will attract him fast. Thank you. I love you

  412. I can feel it in my heart-let me know when I meet him

  413. Rebecca Apr 9th 2010

    Thank you for my perfect “playmate”. He is wonderful and has all the qualities I’ve been fine tuning for years. We have so much fun. We laugh all the time. He is patient. He is sweet. He is adventureous. He is childlike. We enjoy our time together and we also enjoy our time apart. He has dark wavy hair. He is fit and has fun fashion sense. He is in touch with his femine side. He loves cats. Ect…ect…ect.

  414. Edward Apr 8th 2010

    My dream partner is a wonder giving person, strong, health, hard body like a rock! always there for me and friends. Very handsome a very good business partner as well as loving, a great guy to hunt, fish and golf with. He is my soul mate, life partner and friend!

  415. margaret Apr 7th 2010

    Dear Universe
    I know that this year will be the year that you will find me a loving and supportive partner to travel with me through the rest of my life here on Earth. I am so grateful for all the possibilites out there and know that when the time is right you will introduce me to the one who I can love and cherish until the end of time. My perfect partner is waiting to love and cherish me and is sending the same order to you with much excitement and anticipation. I am truly amazed at all the wonderful things you have brought to pass in my life and know that you are a truly good and bountiful and perfectly loving universe that is caring about me and my desire.
    All my love

  416. Katherine Mar 28th 2010

    Dear Universe, thank you for all that you have already given me. Thank you for today and tomorrow. Thank you for good health. Thank you for my children, and my husband. Thank you for my jobs. Thank you for showing me how to achieve better health and a way to achieve a weight loss that is healthy and safe, and one that gives me the energy that motivates me.

    Help me to be compasionate to my children and their lifestlyes.

  417. margaret Mar 23rd 2010

    Dear Universe
    You have always been kind to me and given me that which i ask but now i am asking for a large order of masculine man that will cherish me and that I will cherish. He must be calm and kind and able to forgive me if i do the wrong thing and to hold me close and cuddle me that we two maybe forever happily entiwined.
    Thankyou in anticipation Universe but I know you do everything in Gods time and I have faith in that.

  418. How wonderful was it that W2W gave me the 3 months free!! I WILL do that for someone else. :)
    Thank YOU for knowing my needs even when I’m unaware and helping me take care of myself.
    God is great!

  419. I had a dream last night, very vivid, and was in the arms of my true love, being held by him was amazing. I felt so safe, so loved, so supported. I remember looking into his eyes and feeling how right it felt. I am ready to meet and be with this man. I am ready to be the partner I have desired to be. I am ready to give my whole heart and being to this man and join hands to give to the world all our gifts and knowledge. This is my true partner and I am his. Thank you Universe.

  420. Thank you Universe for the most remarkable best friend I could ever hope for. We do everything together and have so much fun. I always knew I’d find someone. But I never knew I could care so much for another human being. Is this what love is? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  421. Robert Mar 11th 2010

    My dream partner has beautiful hair and smells really good too, has beautiful eyes too and lips too, has an athletic body she exercises alot, she is funny she loves me she likes hanging out with me.

  422. Pamela Feb 28th 2010

    Would love to find a true honest lasting love.

  423. Pauline Feb 25th 2010

    Thank you for such a wonderful life.I know that i’ve so much to be grateful for.I’m now waiting for my ideal partner,one who accepts me just as i am,he loves my family as much as i love them,he’s willing to create a new family with me and share all we have unconditionally!I am ready to recieve him now.Thank you.

  424. Dear God of the Universe,
    Thank you for this wonderful man in my life…for his attention and love towards me and my children.. for his kindness and attention. Thank you for making him SO perfect for me. Thank you for placing him in my life at just the right moment!

  425. I’d like a permanent love relationship with the kind of man I’ve always desired – you know who he is Universe. Thank you!

  426. Please connect me with my perfect partner! x-Love-x

  427. hello dear universe. thank you for being here for me. i’d like to have a good man please. someone who i love deeply. someone who loves me deeply. we communicate brilliantly. we are happy and smiling and laughing and caring and enjoying and family and passionate. and compassionate. and supportive. great teamwork. loving pride in each other. peace. and love. and life. and sharing. and understanding. and being. and light too. and deep. wow. what a feeling. :)

  428. Dear Universe
    Thank you got the love of my partner…thank you for his kisses in the morning when i wake up..thank you for the rose he put to my pillow every day..thank you for his lovely warm eyes..thank you for his great presence into my life..he really changed my existence.. into an miracle…may it last forever!


  429. Dear Universe,

    Please help me connect with my perfect match soon. I know he is out there and I am waiting.

  430. Melanie Feb 14th 2010

    I’m so greatful, Universe, for the sending the perfect man for me. He is kind, compassionate, intelligent, very funny, fit, healthy, passionate, responsible and reliable, financially stable, over his “ex” es, independent, loves to travel, read, and he listens when I speak. He respects me, is committed to me, cares about animal welfare, Mother Earth, and has a strong spiritual side. We share many common interests, but he is not a clone of me.

  431. I’m very thankful for this website! I am placing my official order for my perfect match. Our relationship will be fulfilling, romantic, filled to the brim with love and attraction, lasting, and guided by good communication, respect, friendship and teamwork! Thank you so much, Universe!

  432. Lauke Feb 6th 2010

    I’ll order the man I dream off, the Universe knows who I mean.
    I love him en I’d like he have so much feelings for me, that it hurts!
    I’d like to have such good conversations, warm love, friendship and he must be my soulmate!
    He’s in my heart, Universe, you know that!!!
    Let me be his one and only woman to love en to share our feelings…
    I’m so thankfull, Universe, toe hear my wishes and I will help many people as a gift to you! Love you!

  433. He’s loving, honest, wants a committed relationship. He’s my best friend. We share our lives with each other. He’s confident, funny, has a great laugh and a special smile for me. He comforts me when I’m upset, is generous in everything he does. He’s happy and content with himself and loves that we’re together. He loves introducing me to his friends and family and he thinks of me all the time. He has his own life but I am part of it. We love making each other laugh, cuddling on the sofa and just people watching. We do sports together and go away all the time. He bought a campervan just so that we could go away on trips and see the country. We plan for our future. We both want to raise a family, buy our own place near a beach and get married in a cave.
    He is trustworthy and will never cheat or lie. We grow together.

  434. Swapna Feb 3rd 2010

    I hug and thank the amazing Universe that we all are part of. Thank you so much for keeping my faith going till I met my soul mate. He is a secure and mature man who dances with the waves and rolls in the sand with kids. He is self-assured, adventurous and kind. He is financially stable and emotionally secure. He has a great sense of humour and he makes me laugh and lighten up. We try new things all the time. He loves everyone and is non-judgemental. He loves me a lot.
    He loves children and music. He believes in the divine that flows through us all connecting us and works with me towards a global unification.
    He challenges me to pursue my dreams and achieve new goals. He is my anchor in life, the wind beneath my wings as we soar high. His hugs makes me feel safe and soft, his voice gives me strength and his eyes assure me of my purpose of life. He is my equal partner as we share the chores and the dreams and make a life together.
    Thank you so much for all the sweet sharing moments we have.

  435. Donna Feb 1st 2010

    I thank you and I love you my Universe-I want to meet the man you have hand picked for me,when I am ready.I’ll see it when I believe it

  436. I want to place an order for an older, more mature man. One that is stable mentally, financially, and is truly loyal. This man is to be passionate, intellectual, caring, sincere, and make me laugh. He doesn’t have to like all the same things I do as I wish to experience new things with him. Send him soon! I am so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned so I know what I want. Thank you, Universe, Thank you!

  437. I put an order in and I was not precise…I want a man who does not think arguing is fun. My Man does not yell, or accuse me of ridiculous things out of his insecurity. He is secure.. An man who does not stalk me on line. He is financially secure with an abundant amount of money. Abundant amout of love and respect for me. He does not fear the complications of my family but embraces them and stands by my side. He has helped me bridge the gap with my eldest son so now he hears a mother who loves him and not someone to yell at over his own anger..My son Sean has found happiness in my relationship with this wonderful man. This man loves to help me help others…We have the same love of humanity and each other…He brings me peace of mind.
    I bring him peace of mind…G.d is in our relationship bringing light and helping us to manifest light all around everyone we come in contact with..Thank You Universe..
    : )

  438. Thank you universe for my love.. I love him just as he is. It´s just so easy to be together!!! Thank you!
    I love myself, I love you, I love the whole world!!!

  439. Meryl Coulthurst Jan 17th 2010

    How blessed I am that Divinity, that The Universe, has made me aware of the meeting of my True Love. The time I have spent with my Self, nurturing my Self and preparing myself for Her has been well worth every moment. Thank you Universe for the special woman who is to be my wife. She is everything I could ever hope for, and so much more. Our meeting, our dating, is every day a celebrating. Our Partnership is a match made in Heaven! Thank you Universe, thank you Divinity!

  440. I am wishing for a partner for the rest of my life. He is kind and understanding. He likes to listen. He likes to communicate. He has compassion. He likes to travel and would like an Airstream so we could see all the United States or anywhere we wanted. He is funny and makes me laugh. He is a good back rubber. He likes to hug and open the door for me. He appreciates me and thinks I am beautiful even when I am at my worst. He thinks I am valuable and wants no one but me. He is honest and faithful and doesn’t have a violent bone in his body or mind. He lets me know I am safe and I love him soooo much.

  441. Kimberly Jan 15th 2010

    Thank you for this wonderful, loving man! He is my best friend and I am his best friend. We are both such passionate people who love life and are grateful for our good health and every second on this planet! He is young like me, in body and spirit–and is optimistic and energetic–just like me!!! I am so grateful that he is a man of high moral integrity, with my same core vales. We get along so well because he loves all animals, he loves babies and children, he loves to have fun and laugh! He is humble, has humility, yet also has healthy self-esteem. He takes great pride in providing for and protecting his family. And he is family man who adores our life together with our new baby. Our physical and emotional chemistry is so good it is beyond proper words! Our love-making is phenomenal!! Thank you for my man who is in touch with his emotions and feels deeply about everything…and he just loves to share his thoughts and flashes of insight with me! We have the same political mindsets…we share each other’s personal interests… it’s so wonderful! He is all i ever dreamed of! He is so into me and I am so into him! We can’t stand to be apart. He loves me more than anything and wants to be by my side for ever! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  442. Thank you, Universe, for my sweetie! I know you’re putting the pieces together now so we’re both ready to share our lives together! WoooooHoooooo!

  443. Thank you UNIVERSE…..for an amazing man …he surprises me, makes me laugh, comforts me and we share the incredible vision of our shread dreams in a unifying stream of creativity.

    I know, you know that I know you know it ALL…. my wishes and dreams…you constantly grant them with great grace….I thank you angain and again…..

  444. Aleksandra Jan 14th 2010

    Thank you Universe, for bringing me the hero in my life, who is creative, has true feeling for me and I feel protected around him.His hug is as made for me, he treats me as a real woman, he worships me and adores me. Same is on the other side. I have found the true love of my life. He is my soul mate. Our relationship is meaningful, healthy and compatible. I feel as I have felt when I was falling in love for the first time-happy, creative, warm, harmonic. I see myself in him as I am seeing myself in the mirror. We are living the adventures of life together, we travel, read, write. He is powerful as a man, we look in the same direction and we have common interests. We communicate and connect through our true feelings, emotions, chemistry, connection. ..We love each other!!!!!!!! He is my hero!!!!!!!! I love life!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  445. jayne poland Jan 12th 2010

    Sense of humour above all else,kind hearted.Tolerant, loves life and living it.This is my perfect guy.He is out there and im gonna find him. Or he will find me YAHOOOOO. Oh and he loves traveling.

  446. Lekyta Jan 9th 2010

    thank you universe for helping me to synchronize with my soul’s love mate. thank you for leading me to the one who loves me as i love them. thank you for leading me to the one who appreciates me as i appreciate them. thank you for leading me to the one who is as ready to be with me as i am ready to be with them. thank you for leading me to the one who loves life as i love life. thank you for leading me to the one who is as excited about learning and adventure as i am. thank you for leading me to the one who knows just how awesome hanson really is 😛 la la la la love. always. in all ways.

  447. Michelle Jan 9th 2010

    Thankyou for my soulmate who is caring & sensitive yet strong and protective. He has a great sense of humour yet knows & understands that his serious and sincere side is extremely valuable. He loves me for me just as I love him as he is. He is a spiritual yet grounded man who loves to cook. He treats me like a lady & has a high respect for me as I do for him. He sees the good within me as I do him. He allows me to be me & supports my ideas & activities. Thankyou for this passionate, romantic relationship in which we share the same goals and similar ideals. He completely accepts my children as they totally accept him. We feel connected when we look into each other’s eyes and know that this is how it’s meant to be. I can completely trust him as he trusts me. I admire his gentleness, honesty and sincerity.
    Thankyou for this mutual relationship of deep love and understanding that is based on friendship. We support each other in all that we do through thick and thin. I feel safe, secure and protected. He makes me feel soft and warm inside. We add to each other’s happiness and our relationship is filled with laughter. He is fun loving person.
    Thankyou for the feeling of connectedness that we both experience when we are together, we are comfortable and at ease in each others company in all situations. He is generous in all areas especially with affection and openly shows his feelings and is proud of me as I openly show my affection and am proud of him. We have a deep, life-long, lasting love that can overcome any problem.
    Thankyou for our ability to talk openly, easily & freely about everything. We appreciate each other and our individual talents and abilities. He is a compassionate down to earth and natural man, has a great smile with lots of love in his heart.
    Thankyou for our great soulmate love.
    Thankyou for this or better.

  448. Anastasia Jan 8th 2010

    I am SO grateful for this beautiful man in my life! I have waited so long for him and we share a deep spiritual love that is beyond my wildest imagination…we are compatible in every way; love the water, travelling and exploring other cultures, we enjoy finding the humor in situations, he is artistic and resourceful like I am; he loves to cook (yes!). he has strengths in areas where I am a bit weak (like being organized)–we balance one another wonderfully. He is confident and knows alot about finance, history and so many things! He’s handsome and health concious, light hearted and spiritually aware. He cherishes me and I admire him. We are truly meant to be together for the rest of this lifetime. He loves my family and I love his–he has brought so much joy into my life. I feel so safe and loved with him. For all of this and so much more, Universe, I thank you and am truly grateful. Keep it coming!!!!!

  449. Becky Jan 8th 2010

    I would like to feel and believe that I have- a wonderful mutually loving partner with shared responsibility, respect, co-operation, clear communication. understanding, financial security, support, intimacy, passionate and fulfilling. We enjoy each others company cooking, walking, socially and are happy and encourage each other to grow in our personal areas of interest. We are able to live together with our children and offer a nurturing, safe, happy environment with opportunities for adventure and excitement.

  450. Becky Jan 8th 2010

    It would be wonderful if we can go on holiday with my dream partner for 2 weeks without children this year and also take a family holiday.

  451. Dear Universe,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for my ever wanted girlfriend!!
    She is all i ever dreamed of and she is so into me and loves memore than everything and wants to be by my side for ever.
    Thank you with much Love!!

  452. Byka2002 Jan 8th 2010

    Find a good man that I like and enjoy being with. That respects himself and knows what he wants in life and from life. Not much older than me. Tall, dark and handsome. I know he is out there waiting for an opportunity to meet me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So it is!!!!

  453. Shirley Jan 6th 2010

    Dear Universe,
    My soulmate is with me now and I thank you for giving me the opportunity and wisdom to receive him into my physical life. He is considerate, affectionate, intelligent, funny, successful, healthy, spiritual, neat, conscious, patient, and is an attentive, exciting lover. We both love animals and nature, love to travel and explore, love music and art, we enjoy each other’s company and each other’s friends. We also have many mutual friends. He supports and encourages me in my life choices as I do him. We communicate openly and honestly with each other, discuss our disagreements and come to understandings easily, and we make plans for our daily activities as well as for our home, finances, families, health, retirement, vacations, and so on. He appreciates and acknowledges the things I do for him and he loves doing things for me because I appreciate him so much. I have SO MANY blessings in my life and he makes my life even richer. I look forward to growing old with him. Thank you, Universe for this and all the other blessings in my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  454. Roseann Jan 4th 2010

    Thank you Universe for bringing me my dream partner who has all of the following qualities: is financially secure, loves me, respects me, is kind, compassionate, loves animals, is dependable, responsible, likes to be spontaneous sometimes, someone I can count on through thick and thin, who loves to travel and has a great sense of humor. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  455. Tania Jan 4th 2010

    Obrigada por ter colocado o homem certo para mim ao meu lado em 2009. Ilumine o nosso caminho sempre. Ele é sincero amável carinhoso engraçado honesto bonito alto e tem todos os valores morais que eu aprecio em alguem para estar ao meu lado. Mantenha-nos eu e o meu amor conectados em 2010, que nossa relação se torne mais forte, confiável e estabilizada. Quero que em nossa vida haja apenas felicidade. Nos nos encontramos muito e somos muito felizes juntos. Eu acredito na sua força.
    Obrigadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!

  456. judih Jan 2nd 2010

    dearest universe,

    Thanks to everything that i already have and thanks for my soulmate, my beloved one.
    bedankt voor het in 2010 samen brengen met de man van mijn dromen. Hij is mijn alles. Bij hem voel ik me compleet. We genieten van elkaar en onze families en vrienden, van de leuke dingen die we ondernemen.
    Our love brings happiness to those around us. Thank you Universe

  457. Thank you so much the Universe for giving me my soulmate.. my beloved one. I’m so grateful. He’s my everything. The one that makes me feel whole. Thank you again for bringing him to me. I’m so happy with my dearest destiny :-)

  458. Dearest Universe,

    Alvast bedankt om in 2010 me samen te brengen met de vrouw van mijn dromen.

    — Lexy

  459. To the Universe!
    Thanks to everything that i already have and thanks for my soulmate that is beeing delivered to me just when the time is right.
    Yes, the partner, soulmate that i had already and let it go because i wasnt ready… that gourgeous girl with those big brown eyes, strong and caring, that you already know who she is. We are so happy because our incondicional love, and because we care for each other so much. WE are so deeply connected that give me goose bumps 😀
    Thank you for answering so fast to my thoughts.

  460. I am dreaming of my perfect mate. A little older, a little wiser than me. Someone successful and with a relaxed spirit, a sense of humor, intellect, and heart. I am so grateful for the ones I have met.

  461. Ulanda Dec 23rd 2009

    A handsome, intelligent, funny successful partner. A kindred spirit.

  462. He gets me just as I am, without feeling the need to change me. He is joyful for just about any reason. He is kind, compassionate, loving, affectionate, passionate, and fun to be with. He loves music and loves dancing. He wants to see the world with me.He enjoys life, and is grateful to live it. He loves animals and is so honest and trustworthy even my friends and family love him. He is sure of himself, and everyone can see he is intelligent and knowledgeable,as well as kind. He is the one who lets me be me and is all I ever dreamed of. I think he is the most beautiful man in the world and I can see he thinks the same about me. Thank you Universe, because I am ready now.

  463. Thank you for filling my order for my Mr.Right who is:
    My Best Friend
    My Lover
    Respectful of me as well as others
    Financially secure
    Always there on Holiday’s and in times of crisis.

  464. Dear Universe,
    I Have found the perfect partner whom i love very much. and through all what we have been through he stood by me. and i am grateful for that for the rest of my life. And all i want is to be with that person for the rest of my life, i want to marry him ASAP! i want our parents and families to accept each other and be happy for us.
    Thank You!

  465. I’d like to order a soul mate please. Funny, strong, outdoorsy type. A man who loves kids, animals, and nature. Someone who smiles easily, takes his time off seriously and himself lightly. It would be great if he came with kids (bonus in my opinion), and was into sports to play not just to watch. OH, and he has to love life, and see it as a one shot deal.

    Thanks Universe

  466. My soulmate is smart, childlike , innocent, loves to be with me, hugs me a lot, give me attention. Have a sense of humor worse than mine. Loves to read and share ideas. Beautifull but intelligent, her eyes must shine with please all the time. She must have a naughty side that like to be different than everyone around her. I want to be sexually as well as mentally attracted to her. I want her to be my dominant thoughts all the time. Wheter we together or not. She is perfect build in contrast to my bearlike size.
    Her mind is quick and her fashion sense brings me closer to looking great.
    Thanks universe

  467. Oh Universe I am so very excited, I know You’re the best Marriage Arranger in existence!

    I would like the following:
    A man who loves me as much as love him.
    A magic connection on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.
    Incredible sex and passion.
    Lots and lots of laughter.
    Easy silences and chilled out sessions on the couch.
    Mutual encouragement and spurring each other on.
    Creative connection.
    The opportunity to love and nurture, as well as to be loved and nurtured.
    That excitement and love and hope and happiness and optimism I feel when I am with you-know-who.
    Fun, easy, happy.
    Someone attractive to me, (well-built and strong), intelligent with a kind heart and a keen sense of humour.
    Ooh, and he better be a GREAT kisser!

    Thanks again!

    Lots of love!

  468. IrthAingel Dec 16th 2009

    Dear Universe,
    Please bring Ki and Anu together again in 2010.
    In Peace and The Light with Love,

  469. Thank you Universe for connecting me with my true soulmate. He is kind, considerate, romantic, affectionate, funny, spontaneous, passionate, generous, loyal, trustworthy, caring, responsible, fun-loving, loves movies and reading, family-oriented, healthy, sexually compatible, devoted, flirtatious (but only with me), interesting, has a good work ethic but doesn’t live to work, loves good food, enjoys traveling, is a good friend, handsome, helps out with chores, and loves me for who I am. We are so happy in this marriage that will last forever, and we share a mutual passion and love for each other that never stops. We are so happy in our relationship, and our lives are satisfying. He is good to my child and she loves him, too. Our love brings happiness to those around us. Thank you Universe!

  470. Dear Universe
    Thank you for bringing me my true soulmate who is-Honest,Tender,loving,caring,sensitive,sensible,strong and gentle,handsome,balanced,sexy n passionate,grounded and matured,with childlike innocense,full of life,with a beautiful deep rich soulful voice,
    deeply loyal,faithful and me
    -materialy abundant,generous,successful,
    -spiriyualy elevated-deeply connected to his innerself,higherself and me,with a rich and beautiful soul
    He is single and comes in y physical vicinity….He’s all mine and created for me only in body mind and soul
    He belongs to my energy level and spiritual path
    we experience pure deep true complete love with eah other, that brings us deep joy,beauty,touches our heart and elevate our souls.
    we have a deeply happy fulfilling and successful onogomous love marriage for ‘forever’
    we are deeply happy and fulfilled with each other(only) in body mind and soul..
    we connect and energise each other in every aspect and help each other to be a whole and fulfill our individual purpose for this lifetime.
    he is seeking me just as im seeking him.
    -he comes to me in complete freedom by his /divine will in physical reality 1st jan.2010.

    Thank you universe

  471. Eugenia Dec 16th 2009

    I’m open to receive my dream partner, the right person for me and my daughter, someone independent and open to love and be loved.

  472. Someone honest and attentive to my needs and his…..Here he comes..I can feel it happening already…Thankyou so much

  473. Dear Universe bring Ilse back in my dreams

  474. Dear Universe,
    I know she is out there, I know she brings out the best in me and I bring out the best in her, I know that I can bring flowers to her at work and she will be lovingly surprised. I know she is beautiful inside and out and that she cares for me and my boy. I know she is smart, caring, nice, kind and just wants to be loved. I know she is there somewhere and she is out there somewhere..I want to share my life with her and her share her life with me. I know she is caring, compassionate and I love her for what she is and I mean I love her with unconditional love!!

  475. Alex B Dec 15th 2009

    My ideal partner would have to be a nice good looking girl thats very interisted in me and the way i act. She would love to hang out with me and we would have a spectacular time together!

  476. a speciale soul Dec 15th 2009


    Ik ben u dankbaar voor alles in mijn leven, inclusief mijn partner, het enige dat ik u vraag is dat we nog iets meer naar elkaar toe groeien.En dat er een wonder gebeurt met oudjaar !!!


  477. gemstone3 Dec 15th 2009

    I easily found the perfect roommate to live with me and Amanda on January 1st. He’s financially responsible, clean, quite and respectful, funny as hell, stylish and very intelligent. We have a great time hanging out together. Amanda and I love his friends, and he loves ours. All three of us instantly bonded. As an added bonus, he loves Boomer, and Boomer loves him.

  478. Hello Universe I can’t wait to meet my soulmate, love I mean LOVE and be LOVED , have a lot in common, have a very happy life full of love, goals, joy, friends. That’s what I’m asking for Universe. Thanks

  479. Dearest Universe,

    I know he is out there, he knows I am here. Please help us get together as soon as possible. I miss my dear soulmate, to the point of tears at times. I want both of us to have the experience of joy that comes in being with THE person of our be loving, laughing, and dance the joy of life together as soon as possible. To give one another just what we need in this lifetime.

    Thank You for that beautiful and special man!

    I love You, Linda

  480. I would like to share my life with someone who has similar values to mine, who will enrich my life, and who will help me to smile everyday.

  481. Please fill my order for 1 loving, emotionally mature and giving man. Here are the features I would like:
    Emotionally available.
    Open and honest.
    Impeccable integrity.
    Loves children.
    Open and accepting.
    Loves to learn.
    Fun and spontaneous.
    Young at heart.
    Loves his career.
    Great dancer.
    Impeccable taste.
    High standards.

    Thank you :)

  482. Magdalena Dec 15th 2009

    Thank you for my parner/friend/husband/lover in one who is warm, kind, tender, carring, funny, serious, wise, loving, patient, respectful, loyal, with a good sence of humor, with a desire to be with me, by whom I can be just myself and who love my kids and me

  483. I’m open to receive my soul mate.With all of the qualities I am looking for in another person.Thank u

  484. I am open to receiving the perfect partner for me- I know she is out there and I am ready to accept this gift

  485. So happy to have finally met my dream partner! I’ve waited a long time for him and to actually have this person materialize in my life is so wonderful! Thank you Universe of bringing this amazing man into my life! So grateful!

  486. gemstone3 Dec 14th 2009

    My partner has the most beautiful blue eyes. They’re truly mesmerizing. His brown hair really offsets his baby blues.

    My partner also has a beautiful smile, which makes his eyes twinkle. He loves to laugh, and is incredibly witty.

    He’s also thoughtful and incredibly intelligent. He loves to read, and learn about the world around him. In addition, he loves to hike, and go to movies, travel, dine out with friends, go to museums, watch sports and cook. He also has a lot of friends, and we both really enjoy hanging out with each others posse.

    He’s wildly successful in the entertainment industry, and because I’m also in the industry, we have a lot to talk about.

    My partner is younger than I am, and this is okay. I actually find it really exciting.

  487. charnelle Dec 14th 2009

    someone with a spectacular personality! in the same field as me
    with a son and glad to be happy!

  488. I am so blessed in my relationships – they have taught me to understand much, to accept much and to have tolerance and compassion. These lessons have helped me to help others and that has given me much joy and financial freedom. I am truly sorry I have often not been smart enough or quick enough or available enough or strong enough at the right moments always to have responded positively. I know what it is to receive acceptance and forgiveness and I know I haven’t always offered the same. I am asking for forgiveness and an opportunity for my own happiness in a close relationship with another person. I have had glimmerings of what happiness and contentment can feel like from being alone; from my son’s lovely nature;and from those brief moments when my mother reached out to me from behind the fog of her own difficulties. I am truly blessed. Please bless me with meetings of minds and easy friendships in my new life.

  489. My ideal partner

  490. Katherine PETERSON Dec 14th 2009

    This is so cool!!!!!!!!!! I would like to remember that God is daily in my life. I would like all of us to have good health. I would like my son be able to have a great life out on his own. I would like to have the money to keep my house, and the company, and be able to keep the manager so my husband and I can travel and do more things we want.

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