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Welcome to the largest shopping mall in the… well you are in the Universe and the Universe welcomes you to use your imagination and order whatever you desire!
No limitations, never out of stock and no credit line!
Choose your Dream Car, Dream House, Dream Career or Whatever you can imagine and order it from the Universe.
Don’t hold back there is no need to be modest: The Universe loves to process the most difficult, expensive and  hard to get orders.
The Universe is a huge warehouse that goes from here to eternity.
The Universe loves to add new items dreamed up by you!
When you place your order please add a picture of what you want so much and enhance the visualization of your order.
A picture will also inspire your fellow shoppers . It makes it easier for the Universe to locate your order 🙂
So choose a department and place your order.
Accompany your order with your motivation.
Feel the excitement.
Make it as real as possible.
Add a vivid description.

Place your order in a happy mood, carefree and not needing it badly! Be specific and clear about what you want.
Feel the excitement of ordering something you really want with the knowledge it will be delivered.
Then let go.
Remember: the Universe only needs your wish and intention to deliver your order at your door step!
And..don’t restrict your order with a timeframe, It will be delivered at the best time for you, the Universe knows when it needs to be delivered, you can rely on that!

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Here you can express your gratitude, share your favorite quiet place in nature or
post your most inspiring quotes.
The action center  has a wonderful weekly assignment for you and much more.

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